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Added: May 2017

Added: May 2017

Added: May 2017

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Upbra: New Bra Styles And Millions In Sales

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Upbra, the company that holds seven patents for user-adjustable lift and cleavage bras, is adding new styles and recording striking sales results.

For the past two years, the bras have been sold exclusively at the company’s own website, where they have generated millions of dollars in sales to consumers around the world. (The privately held company does not release exact sales figures).

The original Upbra bra, which began retailing in 2015, started shipping with convertible and strapless styles. “A few weeks from now we will start shipping T Shirt Upbra bras. The lifting system can be adapted for all sorts of bra styles, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing during the next two years” co-owner Mark Redenius told BODY.

All of the Upbra bras utilize two straps hidden underneath the cups, which the wearer can use to adjust the amount of lift and cleavage she wants. A unique feature of the bras is that the wearer can easily re-adjust her lift and cleavage during the day, without removing or changing the appearance of the bra.

“The Upbra bra is the first fully adjustable cleavage and lift bra,” said Redenius. “It lets any woman select the lift and cleavage she wants. With this one bra you can spend the day in the office with a modest cleavage, then when you are ready to go out to a dinner date or dancing, you can increase your cleavage in literally 5 seconds.”

Currently the bras are offered in sizes 32A through 36DD and 38D, and will go up to 40D later this year. “In 2018 we will add 42D,” Redenius explained. The Convertible and T-Shirt bras retail for $74 and the Strapless for $79.

“There is lot of interest out there for bras that promise cleavage. Folks in the industry are looking at a lot of stick-on bras and movable-cup bras, and in pictures it can be hard to tell the difference between those bras and Upbra bras because they all seem to give cleavage to C and D cup girls. The difference is that Upbra bras will do the same for A, B, DD and DDD cup girls as it will for C and D cups.”

Redenius explained that “movable cup bras have been around since the 1930’s. When you move the cups closer together all you get is a bra with cups close together. The videos look interesting but they are still just bras with the cups closer together. Upbra bras are designed to force movement of the mass of breasts to fill the upper region of the bra cups and get closer together at the cleavage area. All while wearing a normal looking bra that doesn’t move or change its outer appearance. Since the bra is normal looking, so is the woman’s appearance — i.e. balanced, and normally spaced. Upbra bras use leverage all around the torso to keep the bra in place, next to the body, while moving as much of the breast as possible up (lift) and over (cleavage). The result is that a woman with A cup breasts gets cleavage and lift.”

“Moving from A cups into the bigger cup sizes, the Upbra bra uses the same leverage to transition from providing cleavage for smaller cup sizes to providing lift for larger cup sizes. The stick-on bras are obviously lift-less, and the moving cup bras are no different than any other bras when it comes to lift. The Upbra patents are all about leveraging the body to move the breasts to where you want them to go. If someone with DD cups wants them to go up (in a bra that fits properly), leverage is the only way to make that happen.”

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Superb Article! I am fan of Upbra, and never aware about of its latest products. Thanks for sharing it!

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