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Brodeur: More Private Label Coming To Yandy

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). will continue to expand the number of apparel offerings under its own brand, and there is “a very real possibility,” it will open its first brick-and-mortar store within the next couple of years.

Thom Brodeur, the new-announced CEO, revealed these and other plans in an exclusive interview with BODY shortly after his appointment., which now claims to offer “over 30,000 products,” including a wide range of inexpensive, sexier lingerie labels, has already sold some Yandy brand products for several years. For example, in early 2013 it launched Yandy Candy, a line of rave-themed lingerie and clubwear. That same year the company introduced “Yandy exclusive Swarovski crystal bikinis.” In early 2016 the company added the “Yandy Bra Collection,” focusing on “everyday sexy” bras and panties as well as an “affordable collection of mix and match swimwear.” In September 2016 the company presented its first runway show of Yandy Halloween costumes during New York Fashion Week. And Brodeur is planning another Yandy runway show for the upcoming Fashion Week in February.

As it puts its name on more products, Brodeur said the company is going beyond just ordering up styles from contractors, but rather actively engaging his team in the design and creation. The newest “private label swim collection,” for example, has Yandy’s “DNA and fingerprints on it.” And he is excited about “starting to position” Yandy as “more of a fashion brand” going forward.

The new CEO emphasized he is a “deep believer in the omni-channel strategy,” of retailing, of which maintaining physical store locations is a key part. He noted that the first, potential store, located near the company’s home base in Scottsdale, would be more of “test” as opposed to a conventional “flagship” location. “We would be dipping our toe into that space,” he said, but emphasized it would “lift the brand experience,” greatly if successful.

While he is deeply committed to producing more “Yandy-made products,” Brodeur cautioned that the company will not range too far from its focus on “sexy intimate apparel.” He does “not want to lose that heritage,” but rather “take that heritage and layer it into other categories.” One future area of expansion for Yandy products will be “loungewear and sleepwear.”

In announcing the hire of its new CEO, the company noted he “brings over 20 years of technology, digital marketing, media and ecommerce experience to Yandy, having worked in start-up, scale-up and growth businesses such as GoDaddy, Marketwired, EmpowHER, Tallwave, Digital Air Strike, and Maria Shireen.” — NM

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Published 01-17-2017 by Nick Monjo

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I am curious if Yandy is considering doing domestic manufacturing or will all their private brands be sourced overseas?

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