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April ILS: No Drayage Fees, Many New Brands

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Jeff Yunis, the owner of the International Lingerie Show, discussed the new venue for his upcoming show (April 3-5, 2017), as well as other changes.

BODY: Now that we are getting closer to the April show, can you provide some more details on the new ILS show at the Westgate?

YUNIS: Now the whole show will be in one room. We felt the separate room layout at the Rio made it harder for buyers to shop. In addition to one large, professional layout for the show, the Westgate itself is a fantastic upgrade from the Rio. This will be a much more enjoyable and professional venue for wholesalers and buyers to do business.

BODY: Any major differences?

YUNIS: One thing our visitors will notice — and be happy about — right away, is that the exhibition hall is much closer to the hotel rooms than at the Rio. Since the hotel was completely refurbished recently, the rooms are cleaner and fresher. And there are more great eating places.

BODY: How will the fashion show be handled and when?

YUNIS: The fashion show will be different than any other show in the industry. That’s all we want to say at this time. But buyers and wholesalers will be blown away with this new presentation.

BODY: What about the meals?

YUNIS: Same idea but a little better than at the Rio. Specialty Trade Shows pioneered the concept of providing a generous breakfast and lunch, as well as afternoon refreshments, free of charge, at all of its trade shows, for the past two decades. And that will continue going forward with the ILS at the Westgate. It is interesting that so many other trade shows are now copying the policy we invented.

BODY: Are there any other “events” or seminars that you can describe?

YUNIS: Yes. We will kick off the show with a meet and greet cocktail party for those who are at the Westgate on Sunday evening, April 2. Then, during the show, we will have an ongoing program of educational seminars.

BODY: What are the transportation and layout details?

YUNIS: The Westgate is very close to the Las Vegas Convention Center, so it is closer to everything than the Rio. The hotel is down the block from the old Riviera, so it is a short walk to the Strip. The monorail is also right out the door for those who don’t want to walk!

BODY: There has been a lot of talk about the cost of drayage. Do you have a comment?

YUNIS: First off, we have made a deal with the venue to eleminate drayage fees for most exhibitors. But, let’s be fair. We did not invent or cause drayage fees in the past. The cost of drayage is a directly related to how fancy a booth you want as an exhibitor. If you want elaborate constructions, custom walls, fashion runways, fancy lighting, giant posters, there will be drayage at any show you go to. If you are fine with a simple booth, table, chairs and a simple rack to hang your samples on — then no or minor drayage charges.

BODY: How is the exhibitor registration going?

YUNIS: We expect a strong exhibitor showing in April, just as we have every spring. And we have been signing brands that are new to the show — which is the lifeblood of any show. We expect two dozen new companies. This is not going to be a show with just a handful of brands. We have already over a hundred exhibitors, representing a huge range of products. And we expect to sign a lot more by the time April arrives. We have a vast exhibition area, so there is no shortage of space as there is with certain venues. This is going to be an exciting show, with just what buyers want: lots of choices, a huge number of brands, offering every type of product.

BODY: How is the buyer registration going?

YUNIS: VERY well for this early. We always have a strong show in April, and this will be no exception. With the new administration in Washington and the promise of lower taxes, we find retailers and wholesalers are optimistic about 2017. And there has been a lot of curiosity about our new venue and layout. So we anticipate a great turnout.

BODY: What else can you tell us?

YUNIS: Well, we have been doing trade shows that have benefited both buyers and vendors for two decades. Every show we do has been to benefit the industry. That’s not just words. It’s decades of reality.

We realize that this is a VERY important show because of what is happening in the market. And I also know that the majority of buyers and exhibitors realize that because of our experience, we know how to make a show work for buyers. And exhibitors. This is not our first show! This is not a one time experiment for us!

We also know that a trade show has to work for ALL exhibitors, not just a few big brands. We have always been here to serve the needs of ALL the brands. Large and small. That is an important point to remember.

And, yes, all trade shows have been experiencing some slowdowns over the past couple of years. It is a reflection of the economy. But there is a lot more optimism out there these days. And we are committed to making this next April ILS — and all our shows going forward — great, profitable events. We have a multi-year commitment to the Westgate and know that this is the best place to grow the ILS. We are here, as we have always been, for the long term.

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