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Mapalé Holiday

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Mapalé Holiday

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Mapalé Holiday

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Mapalé Mailing Bigger Holiday/2017 Catalog

New catalog cover, left, and a style from the Nude Touch collection.
New catalog cover, left, and a style from the Nude Touch collection.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Mapalé is about to mail to the industry a greatly expanded fall, Christmas 2016 and Valentine’s 2017 catalog supplement. It is up from about 30 pages last year to about 125 this year.

Angela E. Tobon, who co-owns the company with her husband Pablo, explained that she wanted to produce an extensive line and catalog that would include specific garments for the two upcoming holidays, but also many additional styles that will work for retailers all during the first part of 2017.

“We’ve included many regular styles stores can continue to sell all year long,” said Tobon. Mapalé’s large, main catalog, which last year ran some 360 pages, will come out in March.

The Florida-based firm, which recently combined two of its brands, Espiral and AM:PM, under the Mapalé label, has for years been selling in a variety of categories, from sexy lingerie, dancewear and bedroom costumes, to clubwear, resortwear and swimwear. The extensive range of styles and sensibilities allows it to sell into a wide variety of stores.

Most recently the company launched a striking active and workout wear group, and, on the other side of the spectrum, a sexy, strappy lingerie group called Seductress. “This new line is very strong, very powerful and we have been getting a great reaction to it,” said Tobon.

The workout group, which was introduced a few months ago, is colorful and motivating, and would certainly make the wearer stand out in a gym. But it is trendy without being overtly sexy. “We have been doing both for a long time now,” explained the designer, referring to the two sides of the market.

In the new catalog supplement, a variety of “colors keep playing an important role,” she said, as opposed to red, which is always dominant theme for Christmas and Valentine’s. “We are doing a lot beige, black, burgundy and nude, which has been very popular.” In addition to Seductress there is also Luxurious Romance, Midnight Glam, Nude Touch and Belle Amour, a group that is “a little more girly, more romantic.”

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