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Glamory: ‘Thigh Highs Whenever You Want’

(Filed Under wholesale Hosiery News). In a world where pantyhose seem to dominate, one company argues that thigh high stockings deserve to be worn any time.

Thigh highs “are a unique undergarment, because they straddle both the world of exotic lingerie and the world of practical hosiery,” wrote Timothy Gettler, of Glamory Hosiery, in a recent email to BODY. “Thigh highs have a reputation for being super sexy and for only being worn in the bedroom. The truth is thigh highs should be worn during your work day or at parties, casual get-togethers, on weekends and on hot dates!”

“Thigh highs are very comfortable, fitted, sanitary, playful and obviously very sexy. First of all,” continued the executive, “with thigh highs there are no uncomfortable waistbands that cut into your waistline. In addition, thigh highs will not flatten your curves under fitted skirts, dresses or pants. High quality thigh highs like Glamory Hosiery stockings give legs a flawless finish and a shapely look. You can show the welt (band), or you can keep it a secret. Bottom line: thigh highs provide you with a great opportunity to express your individual personality in a world of business professional personas. Reveal your sassy personality and confidence.”

All Glamory thigh highs are fitted with silicone bands designed to keep the stocking up no matter what the activity.

For evening wear, “thigh highs are the perfect topper to any ensemble you can create.” Suggest styles include:

The Deluxe20 which “scream excitement with their bi-color red and black lace top. They are also available in all black and champagne. The bi-color lace tops are exclusive to Glamory Hosiery. Pair them with sexy mini-skirt to show off your legs and a glimpse if you dare of the lace top.”

The glamorous Couture20 thigh highs “are all about vintage and perfect for a night out with your sweetie. These thigh highs have a very sexy back-seam topped with a floral 6” band. These are perfect to wear with a short skirt so everyone can see the full gorgeousness of your legs.”

The Mesh thigh highs create “a look of timeless elegance. With fishnets, you are allowing tiny glimpses of bare skin. If you are truly daring, you can wear these to work with a power suit and really show off your sexy side.”

“The Comfort20 is a mix a femininity and sexuality. With a luxurious wide lace top, they stay in place securely with reassuring comfort, and come in black, make-up, red and white.”

While there are people who might argue thigh highs are not appropriate for work, Gettler is emphatic. “You can wear thigh highs whenever and however you want. They are sexy and fun while also being professional. It’s all in how you style them!” He continued, “Not only will your legs look amazing but you’ll feel secretly sexy as you go about your day.” Recommended styles for work include:

The Allure20 which “has a minimal lace top band perfect for that form fitting pencil skirt. With the double silicone on the band they will stay up all day long without trouble.” The company recommends pairing this style “with a knee-length skirt and a nice sweater or jacket” adding that the combination provides a “professional look that hides your secret sexy side.” This style is available in five different color styles “black, white, and make-up as well as contrasting black top with make-up and white top with make-up.”

The Micro60 thigh highs are “both luxurious and warm for cold winter days or when you just want a darker hose when you have to dress up. They are made of the finest Italian thread. They will keep your legs warm and looking super sexy. These come in black or make-up.”

“The Vital40 thigh high is perfect for the long days at your workplace. The Vital40 are specifically engineered to energize your legs and keep your legs felling fresh and invigorated.”

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