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The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez A Look from Shapeez.
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
A Look from Shapeez.

Added: Jul 2011

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Von Maur Gives Top Marks To Shapeez Styles

New Shapeez Demee Long and Demee Short.
New Shapeez Demee Long and Demee Short.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Shapeez has received high marks from Von Maur, the 30-location department store that started with some of the company’s bras over five years ago, and has continued to add new styles as they became available.

“I think one of the reasons we have done so well with Shapeez is because there really isn’t much competition out there for an item that has both shaping of the core of the body and also eliminates back bulges,” explained Missy Joslyn, the buyer of daywear, foundations and shapewear at the retailer. “We offer other back-smoothing bras in our department and we also offer shapewear but these products give the customer both in one garment. Customers want no-fuss, efficient and effective shapewear so an all-in-one piece is their dream.”

Shapeez launched in 2005 when designer and co-founder Staci Berner created a unique bra that provided full support while at the same time eliminated the look of bra bulges and back fat. It also offered slimming and shaping benefits. She called it The Ultimate.

Since then the company had added eleven more patented designs, each providing solutions to different body challenges. The latest is the company’s Demee and Demee Long push up bras.

Von Maur shapewear buyer Joslyn told BODY the store does well with Shapeez, “because the customer can have a personal bra fitting to find the appropriate size in-store. Measuring and chart-following is simple enough but I think it helps when the customer can try on to find the right size as well as see the results for themselves. The contour cup of most of these styles runs on the larger side. Therefore, it is great to have a lingerie staff that intimately knows these details and can truly service the customer in their Shapeez shapewear.”

“We have seen tremendous growth with Shapeez in 2015! We have expanded from three SKUs in 2014 to the seven planned in 2016. We have expanded the Shortee to all stores to combat the summer heat, added the Tankee when customer feedback dictated she needed less to show under her clothing, and are now testing both the Silkee Long and Tankee Slip to continue to provide back-smoothing solution shapewear.”

Joslyn added, “We are looking forward to another great year!” With locations in 14 states, Von Maur plans to add an additional store in Georgia later in 2016.

According to CFO David Berner, Shapeez currently sells to some 343 specialty stores and online retailers all across North America. The bras are all manufactured in Canada and ship from a location in Montreal as well as a 7245 square foot warehouse in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

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