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NightLift: Wins Media Support, Adds Retailers

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). NightLift, the bra and lingerie collection created by a plastic surgeon to protect the breasts during sleep, has amassed an impressive collection of articles and endorsements from a variety of publications, shows and websites, ranging from Glamour to The Doctors talk show to the Huffington Post.

At the same time it has been adding retailers to the growing list of stores that carry the brand.

The collection, which includes bras, babydolls and a bra camisole (as well a coordinating underwear), first went on sale to consumers on its own website at the end of 2014 and was first exhibited to the trade at the New York Curvexpo show last February. Since then articles and discussions have appeared in the outlets noted above as well as US Weekly, ET, the Daily Mail in the U.K., Extra, OK Weekly, Radar online, She Knows, Hype Magazine, the Star and others.

“While observing countless patients during my twenty years of private practice, I saw the necessity to find a solution to the cause of women’s sagging breasts and wrinkling decolletage,” explained NightLift’s inventor, Dr. Randal Haworth. “After performing over 2,000 breast surgeries, I realized traditional bras did not offer the necessary support for my patients when they were lying down. The explanation is simple - traditional bras provide vital vertical support (from below) when you’re upright, but not the necessary lateral support (side-to-side) when you’re on your back. I was determined to create a very comfortable night bra that provided the necessary lateral support to counter the effects of gravity and keep breasts at their best. The challenge was to provide this support without the use of uncomfortable and constricting conventional underwire or overly compressive material, as seen in many sports bras. This revolutionary garment had to be like a second skin, natural and appealing.”

Dr. Haworth explained that he “teamed up with some of the best technical engineers in women’s foundation-wear to create NightLift, the first and only line of dedicated sleep support lingerie to preserve the beauty of a woman’s breasts and decolletage - and to even perhaps avoid breast-lift surgery altogether. Our patented support technology B.U.S.T. [the acronym for his patented Bilateral Uplift Support Technology] keeps breasts perfectly in place with total comfort. Now, each breast has its own dedicated bra and no longer has to share support with its neighbor!”

In explaining the challenge to create his new sleep bra, Dr. Haworth stated, “Cooper’s ligaments, connective tissue, and even the skin itself are what hold the breast in position. These tissues are like rubber bands, in that once they stretch out, there is little that anyone can do aside from surgery to tighten and elevate the breasts back to their original youthful appearance. So, the key to keeping breasts at their best and with a smooth decolletage is to prevent stretching and drooping in the first place. That is, to protect tissue from gravity’s downward pull, not only in the recumbent position (on the back), but also when side sleeping.”

He continued, “Though brassiere design has been improved over the decades, the conventional bra’s basic function is to provide vertical support only while standing, not lying down. In other words, this only protects the breast from gravity’s downward pull. Unfortunately, it does very little to protect the breasts when the wearer is lying down and gravitational stress is lateral (i.e., side-to-side).”

According to the doctor, the NightLift bra helps prevent sagging, loss of fullness and creasing between the breasts all without the use of underwires or elastic compression. The result is a “super comfortable” garment that is also “feminine and sexy” and can be worn not only during sleep, but also during the day.

Interviewed by BODY at Curvexpo last year, Dr. Haworth pointed out that the other, so-called sleep bras currently on the market, do not provide sufficient function. Rather such a bra has “just tags on it that say sleep bra.”

As it enters its second year in the market, goals for NightLift now include expanding its network of better intimate apparel stores across the U.S. as well as adding independent sales representatives.

A brand spokesperson noted that NightLift offers a variety of benefits for retailers. It “introduces a new category for added sales,” and “increases sales without competing with existing business.” In addition, the brand offers the “opportunity for multiple and repeat sales,” and “builds customer relations and loyalty.”

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