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Curvexpo: Changes And Improvements In 2016

(Filed Under Financial and General Interest News). Curvexpo announced a variety of changes and improvements to their upcoming shows in 2016, including a modest location shift for the February show at the Las Vegas Convention Center and, at the New York events, the addition of models wearing fashions while standing “on various platforms” on the show floor at the Javits Center.

Explaining the location change for the next Vegas exhibition (February 16-18, 2016), Curvexpo declared in its announcement, “Since the Fall-Winter shows do not have as much of a swimwear presence, we have decided to change the format for the future February seasons and maintain a high focus on intimate apparel. The February show will then exist within WWD MAGIC, in close proximity to other fashion categories to have the opportunity for buyers to easily visit between various booths within the same space.” This will position the Curvexpo exhibitors somewhat closer to the front of the central halls.

In August, in Las Vegas, Curvexpo will return to hall C5, where it was located in August 2015. This is the rear-most section of the Convention Center’s central halls. The summer event will continue to exist as “a separate entity from WWD MAGIC with its own hall within the Las Vegas Convention Center, allowing attendees from both the CURVENV@MAGIC as well as other WWD MAGIC shows the ability to walk all show floors.” Models will again wear fashions while posing informally on a platform during the show.

For the August event in Las Vegas, Curvexpo promises “over 250 lingerie, swimwear, loungewear, active wear, and men’s underwear brands.”

In addition to the new fashion presentations, attendees at the February event in New York (February 21-23, 2016) are promised “an enhanced show experience, starting with new technology such as webinars and a mobile app [and] a new layout for a more contemporary feel.” In addition there will “be various trend presentations to deliver invaluable information about the upcoming season’s trends, highlighting products from the show floor. Both of these presentations allow for buyers to see an item in several different settings, and if they are interested, they have the option to directly go to that item’s booth to receive more information about the product and to place orders on the show floor.”

The “brand new mobile application and interactive floor plan are digital advancements that will incorporate seamlessly to your phone, aiding in searching for booth locations, amongst other features.” Also new will be a “carpet layout and more streamlined booth signages” designed to create “a more modern atmosphere.”

Finally, to help participants prepare for upcoming shows, Curvexpo will provide webinars “that will teach you and your team, whether you are an exhibiting brand or a buyer, how to make the most of the marketing tools that are offered on the website.”

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