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Knock Out!: Benefits Of Using Healthier Fabric

(Filed Under Financial and General Interest News). Knock out!, the maker of “Smart Panties” and Mighty Nighties sleepwear, believes that health concerns among U.S. consumers is helping it grow its business here.

“The number one concern of Americans in 2015 is health care as stated by the Gallup poll,” wrote the company in a statement it provided BODY. “This concern will continue into the next decade. Health and wellness are altering how American consumers think about their purchases as evidenced in how consumers are spending their pay checks. Two major growth areas are organic food (up 380% in sales) and health clubs (now 63 million people enrolled).”

“Knock out! has proven that consumers want “healthy” to be considered when buying their underwear and sleepwear too,” claimed the statement. “In the five years Knock out! has been in business many companies have tried to deliver chemically clean products with odor technology but none have succeeded.”

Company founder Angela Newnam explained, “Ongoing textile innovations are giving us more options, but not necessarily healthier ones. Knock out is committed to keep our products as clean and natural as possible. Knock out sleepwear and panties have superior technologically because of our natural processes for odor elimination and wicking cotton. Recommended by doctors, our panties have a white dye-free gusset designed for the important “lady parts.””

Newnam continued, “Have you noticed that odd smell on new clothes? Not quite the new car smell but something kind of chemical? It’s formaldehyde on imported clothing to kill fungus, mildew and mold that can develop during lengthy shipping time. Even domestic fabrics are treated with urea-formaldehyde resins to give them all sorts of easy care properties such as: permanent press / durable press, anti-cling, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, perspiration proof, and many more processes. While these fabric features are desirable, they come at a cost. The National Cancer Institute says that formaldehyde can cause “burning sensations in the eyes, nose, and throat; coughing; wheezing; nausea; and skin irritation.” The institute goes on to say, “Several NCI surveys of professionals who are potentially exposed to formaldehyde in their work, have suggested that these individuals are at an increased risk of leukemia and brain cancer compared with the general population.””

The statement added, “The Environmental Protection Agency “considers formaldehyde to be a probable human carcinogen (cancer-causing agent).” While there is not a hard standard or enforcement, there are guidelines on use of formaldehyde in clothing, especially on the young, allergic and in intimates.”

Knock out! argued in the statement that “An important topic is chemicals in our clothing especially lingerie. Multiple publications including Cosmopolitan, Prevention, and The New York Times have brought to their readers findings about the health risks of chemicals in the textiles around and on us. It makes sense - skin is the body’s largest organ. Do people knowingly want to absorb harmful chemicals? The United States government publishes guidelines for chemicals and textiles in our clothing. Tested by an independent lab - Knock out! products have less then 30 ppm in its sleepwear and underwear, meeting the highest standard of safety and cleanliness. This rating of 30ppm is classified for clothes for babies and infants under two years of age. The government guidelines state for clothing and textiles in direct contact with skin the recommended rating is 100ppm. This is a 70% difference in the chemicals that touch a person’s body. Sounds pretty technical, but in our industry, Knock out! has been an early proponent of clean fabrics and natural technologies.”

“In addition, Knock out has patented, natural odor absorbing technology built into the fabric – that does not wash out. The general odor killing technology on textiles is silver- better known as antimicrobial or antibacterial. Silver kills the bacteria that cause odor, and is now growing rapidly as a topical treatment on exercise and other clothing. But science has proven nearly 75% of active silver washes out of the clothes within the first three washings,” the company statement claimed. “Not only is effectiveness reduced, but the silver enters the water supply, where it kills not only bad bacteria, but the beneficial bacteria used in water treatment facilities. Excess silver is being found in marine life and the long term impacts are unknown. The EPA has ongoing studies, which will likely result in strong regulations.”

Asked founder Newnam, “Isn’t it time to get smart about our clothing – like we are getting smart about our food and exercise? Knock out! is committed to keep our products as clean and natural as possible. Fabric is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about living a healthier lifestyle, but it should not be ignored. We believe in the growth in natural technology and clean fabrics as consumers becomes more aware of what goes into what we eat, drink and wear.”

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