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Body Hush: “A Better Investment” For Stores

Body Hush utilizes a unique colored hanger concept.
Body Hush utilizes a unique colored hanger concept.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). In mid 2014 Fersten Worldwide, a leading supplier of decorated women’s and men’s apparel, outerwear and headwear for the promotional market, purchased Body Hush shapewear. Since then, with a strong partner behind it, the brand has be growing in both the U.S. and Canada. For this interview, BODY talked with Jimena Rosas about how her shape wear is, in her words, “a better investment” for retailers.

BODY: One of the key approaches for Body Hush is “Hanger Appeal.” Where did that concept come from?

ROSAS: We worked on developing a concept that would enhance the appeal and visibility of Body Hush in the stores and that would bring the customer’s experience to a whole new level. So we designed a colored hanger concept in Germany that would be unique, contemporary and appealing which has given us phenomenal results.

BODY: Why is hanger appeal so important?

ROSAS: Having a good hanger appeal product will in turn generate better sales results and a higher inventory turnover. The majority of the unappealing shapewear that is out there is sold either in boxes or in bags which ultimately prevents the end consumer to touch and to buy the product. Because of our attractive and modern appeal, Body Hush has proven to be a better investment line for our retailers.

BODY: What do you do to achieve the results with Body Hush?

ROSAS: We are giving our retailers the advantage of offering something #1- Exclusive (as we don’t sell to department stores) and #2- A product that with the challenging retail environment is going to stand out in their stores.

BODY: What was the most important new development for Body Hush in 2015?

ROSAS: We created two high waist panty key shape styles in which we are using fusing finishes instead of elastics. This finish prevents the panties from rolling down which is the reason they have been so popular for us. Our customers love the touch of the fabrics, how these pieces complement and shape their body, and that they don’t roll down which always is the biggest problem in shapewear!

BODY: What are the style numbers, names and suggested retail prices of the high waist panties?

ROSAS: The two fantastic new panties that do not roll-down because of our fusing technology are: The Catwalk High waist Panty- retails for $66.00 (for all sizes) and The Catwalk Thigh Control Panty- Retails for $60.00 (for all sizes).

BODY: What are you planning for 2016?

ROSAS: In 2016 we are launching a new fantastic seamless collection for which we designed and created a very innovative hosiery yarn which is feather-light and cool to the body while having a firm level of control. At Body Hush, we specialize in making shapewear feminine and contemporary, so we are doing the same with this new Seamless fabric by adding lace pretty touches to it as never seen before in basic seamless shapewear.

BODY: What are you calling the new collection?

ROSAS: It’s called “Magnifique by Body Hush.”

We are now looking at launching five fantastic new styles for this collection, with suggested retail prices ranging from $52.00 to $72.00.

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