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Breakout Bras: Talking About The Rixie Clip

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Melissa Thomason of Breakout Bras in Greenville South Carolina talked with Ted Vayos, associate publisher, about her experiences selling the Rixie Clip, the bra extending and reducing accessory, in her store.

VAYOS: How long have you been selling Rixie Clip?

THOMASON: Since June of 2013 so 2 years.

VAYOS: How much does it retail for in your store?

THOMASON: $12.00 for a single and $25.00 for a 3 pack.

VAYOS: What is the target customer for the Rixie Clip?

THOMASON: Normally smaller women who need 26, 28, or 30 bands but the styles don’t come in those band sizes. It is also great for women who are in between band sizes or for women who have a favorite bra that is now stretched in the band but in good condition otherwise.

VAYOS: What are your personal thoughts about the product?

THOMASON: I love this product and wish I had thought of it.

VAYOS: How is the comfort level of this product? How easy is this product to use?

THOMASON: No one has complained about discomfort. It doesn’t dig or poke into the skin. It’s very easy to use. Just clip it on and hook your bra as normal.

VAYOS: What bra brands work well with the Rixie Clip?

THOMASON: It works with all 2 and 3 hook bras across all brands.

VAYOS: Have you had any issues with any particular brand?

THOMASON: No. Not a particular brand. It does, however, work better with bras that have elastic sewn edges on the band so that it grips better as opposed to a laser-cut band which can be too slick.

VAYOS: Any issues with bras with wide or narrower ban sizes?

THOMASON: Not really. It works with all 2 and 3 hooks bras. It is better to put the Rixie Clip a little higher up the band to where the fabric bunches just a touch to allow for a better grip.

VAYOS: What about bras with bands made out of lace or other unusual fabrications?

THOMASON: Again, laser cut styles can slip but most styles have no problems. Lace bras actually tend to work better because the fabric allows for better grip.

VAYOS: Did you have to modify your approach when working with customers when using the Rixie Clip?

THOMASON: No. It’s pretty straight forward. If the customer has a need for it, we bring it out and they pretty much always buy it. Not everyone needs it but when they do, it’s an easy sell.

VAYOS: Have you received any customer feedback?

THOMASON: Almost all feedback is positive. The only thing I’ve heard is that it doesn’t tighten the bra enough but that is usually feedback from women who are very small in the band like a 24 or 26 and even the Rixie can’t make the back small enough since there aren’t bras small enough to start with. There was also some feedback for awhile about the fact that it was not nickel free but they have since modified the product so that it can be used by customers with nickel sensitivities.

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Published 09-17-2015 by Ted Vayos

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