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The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez A Look from Shapeez.
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
A Look from Shapeez.

Added: Jul 2011

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The Shapeez Secret Ingredient Is...Comfort

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). “There are many reasons women come to Shapeez: great support, the elimination of bulges and back fat, the shaping of the waist and a much smoother and cleaner look in clothing. But the reason that they stay with Shapeez has a lot to do with comfort,” declared founder Staci Berner, pointing to a host of unsolicited customer comments about her growing collection of patented bras.

Interestingly, customers find many, not just one, specific aspect of Shapeez bras to be more comfortable than those they have worn before.

Many women like the full back provided on many of Shapeez products. They like the way the garments hold them in place. Wrote one customer, “I like the way the back feels like there’s nothing there. This has got it held in. It’s nice and smooth.” Another complained that with other bras she was “constantly tugging the band back down into place, adjusting the cups, pulling the straps back up onto my shoulders, looking bulgy and feeling uncomfortable all day long.” That’s before she found Shapeez. “I am not kidding - this bra is a miracle!”

Many women with larger breasts report that with Shapeez they find support but without the pain they have grown to expect. Wrote one customer, “I have larger breasts and I finally had enough. I resorted to a breast reduction consult with my doctor/insurance and then I found your bra. What a surprise. I decided to hold off because this has been a game changer.” Another stated, “Finally a bra with support without the Pain!!!”

Women who are heavier overall also report greater comfort. Wrote one customer, “As a larger size woman, I have never been able to get the exact right bra. The straps fell down, the metal wire left welts, my bust came out of the cups. And everything was so uncomfortable! I was at my wits end until I found Shapeez. It fits like a dream, smooths all the back fat and the muffin top, covers the bust without a huge bridge. The straps don’t fall down. It is so comfortable. I feel so well supported.”

Shapeez is unique among bra companies in that it provides its own, unique sizing system. One benefit is that the bras fit better and can provide support with being too constricting. “Unbelievably comfortable — not a strait jacket like some other smoothers I have worn,” explained one customer. Another wrote, “in my opinion you can almost get injured trying to put on any Spanx —so tight and painful.” Declared yet another, “I put it on early this morning and I’m still shocked at how good it feels. No bumps down the back, no clasps on the back of the bra digging into my back and it truly minimizes me.”

Though many Shapeez garments have a full back, they still allow the wearer to move. Explained one customer, “It does not bind. You can breathe, bend, move, and it does not cut you off. I feel put together and secure when wearing.”

Further, Shapeez bras are made with a proprietary, breathable fabric. Reported one customer, “The Ultimate body shaper all in one has been a life saver! It glides on and supports me like a most comfortable second skin that breathes! The cups too are amazingly well fit for larger breasts!”

The overall effect of Shapeez bras is that many are worn “all the time” or while sleeping. Said one customer, “Normally, the first thing I would do when I got home was REMOVE the bra. Now I don’t even know I have a bra on, its that comfortable!!” Wrote another, “No more back ache! My back is extremely sensitive to normal bras’ squeezing my upper back and rib cage all day long. After a couple hours, it becomes unbearable!”

One subset of Shapeez customers are women who have had breast surgery and find most other bras uncomfortable. Said one, ““After having breast surgery in 2010 I could not find any bra that was comfortable to wear or that didn’t hurt at the end of day from my scars - even the wireless ones bothered me - then I got an email about Shapeez .... Thank you Shapeez.”

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