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Discussing The Practical Side To Underwear

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Knock out! wants to generate more discussion of the practical side of women’s underwear.

The company pointed out in a recent letter to BODY that “The saying “sex sells” is especially true in the lingerie industry. Yet this overlooks the reason for underwear in the first place – comfort and protection. Mainstream media is very comfortable discussing the “sexy” side of lingerie, but has been much slower to discuss the more practical side of underwear. As a collection of brand marketers, our readers know the value of publicity on sales, growth and therefore it is a topic worth covering.”

The company continued, “Thanks to construction and fabric innovations, shapewear solutions have grown to nearly a billion dollar market segment. Talking about cellulite and showing before and after photos fueled the growth of dozens of companies and helped build this powerful segment. Now a new conversation has been started about innovative technologies to confront some of the less discussed and in some cases unmentionable topics in underwear. With over 60 million women suffering from hot flashes, spotting, yeast infections, minor leakage and feminine odor, the market is substantial. The challenge, of course, is how to communicate and gain publicity on topics that are not so sexy.”

Knock out!, now its fifth year in business, has been a key player in building this new solution segment “by combining comfort, sex and natural technologies. According to Lorraine Chambers, vice president of business development, “It has not been easy to get this category understood and to get stores to talk about the new options in underwear solutions. But we found the early adopters, with our focus on technology marketing and then more volume retailers as we marketed attributes to women in stores, spas and even hospitals.”

Women consumers have been a significant factor in the growth of Knock out! through word of mouth. According to Angela Newnam, founder, “We have enjoyed a strong and steady momentum, but the big leaps from publicity have been hard – many times we have heard from editors, ‘We don’t cover that.’ ”

According to the company, the summer of 2015 marked a change in the way the consumer media responded. “Whether it is the heat or a realization that women want to hear about life changing solutions, a new wave has started. June marked the single largest publicity month for Knock out! in its five year history with five national media stories. From sweaty crotches to the odor bonus, real underwear topics are in the news. Allure: The Cure for the Common Sweaty Crotch. Seventeen: These High-Tech Undies Are The Solution For A Sweaty Crotch This Summer. Shape: The Best Underwear for Women Who Work Out Hard. Closer: Beat the Heat Must Haves. The Doctors: Moisture wicking fabrics.

BODY has covered Knock out! since it’s launch in 2010 and welcomed the consume media recognition. “It has been interesting to see the evolution of Knock out! from a fabric technology to a brand. I am glad to see their success,“ said Ted Vayos. “We take pride in covering all parts of the industry.”

According to Newnam “I am proud of what we have done these first five years. But what really makes me smile is knowing that we are doing what we set out to do – make a better panty.”

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