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Shaper by Squeem and panties from Knock Out! Squeem Squeem: Light collection Squeem: Light collection Squeem: Light collection
Shaper by Squeem and panties from Knock Out!

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Squeem: Light collection

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Squeem: Light collection

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Squeem: Light collection

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Squeem Embarking On Extensive Re-Branding

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Squeem, the Orlando-based shapewear firm, is in the midst of an extensive re-branding which includes new products, more glamorous photography, a redesigned website and a commitment to repositioning the brand and finding new channels of distribution.

Directing the changes are Thiago Pasos, who was recently elevated to CEO at the company, and Mario Pace, formerly of Triumph, who is the new vice president of sales and marketing.

“We are taking the brand and our target consumers through this re-branding journey for the reasons most brands typically and pro-actively decide to re-brand: to seize the opportunity of attracting and appealing in a meaningful way to new markets and new segments of consumers, showing them the rich history and heritage of the brand, its warm, sensual and feminine personality and its product excellence,” stated Pasos.

“History and heritage are the foundational pillars of our strategy going forward: they legitimate our authority in curve creating shape wear,” continued the CEO, in answer to a series of questions emailed by BODY. “With our Brazilian roots, we embrace curves, we celebrate the “glorious curvaceousness” in every woman, whatever her shape or size is. We believe the world would be a more sensual place, if women embraced their natural curves.”

Pasos listed three elements in the new strategy. The first is to take “the brand into a more sensual, glamorous dimension, and is the first step to establish the brand as a premium shape wear brand. The second important direction is product extension: we have just launched a new segment of products, available from June 2015, combining our superior waist fit and compression with shaping properties on the thigh and rear area. More products are in development and will be launched in the market for Spring 2016. With regular product injections, we wish to offer our target consumers a fully rounded, high compression product offering, delivering on our curve creating promise.”

“The third strategic initiative,” he continued, “is our commercial strategy: we are engaging in increasing our penetration with the channels we are currently servicing with a broader product offering and new marketing assets and initiatives coming from our re-branding, while exploring new segments, through which we can engage new consumers.”

For fall 2015 the company launched a campaign which asked the consumer, “Can you Handle it?” Photographs by Miles Alridge provided “New rich brand and product imagery, reflecting our brand personality.” Pasos added, “Behind-the-scenes videos and other marketing assets are now being distributed through partner platforms and digital outlets.”

Utilizing the new photos, the firm redesigned its website. “The new was launched in June 2015: it showcases the new, glamorous and sophisticated brand look and feel, our rich heritage and our iconic products. We’re now improving mobile users experience and will be soon live with an enticing, mobile site.”

The company offers a notably focused group of products. “The Squeem collection is centered around two hero products, Perfect Waist, our iconic waist cincher, and Miracle Vest, our classic shaping vest: each available in two colors, black and beige, and each available in a wide array of sizes, from XS up to 5XL,” explained the CEO. “We’ve just launched (June 2015) two new styles: Sexy Body and Sensual Curves, a body shaper and body suit respectively, each available in two colors, black and beige, and in sizes ranging from S to 2XL.”

Suggested retail prices range from $59.90 for the Perfect Waist, to $79.90 for the Miracle Vest, to $99 for the Sexy Body, and $109 for Sensual Curves. “With our product excellence and our unique technology, we are positioned in the better segment of the shapewear market.”

“Our development team is currently working on two new products which will be launched in Spring 2016: these will be a further range extension and a consolidation of our curve creating product offering.”

Squeem is sold through a wide range of retail outlets including apparel boutiques, plus size shops, bridal shops, lingerie shops and online retailers. “Our strategy is to consolidate our presence in the better, bridge and high end points of sale, across most of the distribution channels and markets in the US,” stated Pasos. “Our pillars, once again, are product excellence and, as we speak, a richer brand experience though our relaunched brand platform. Our growth will come through all growing segments and tiers of the market, where consumers are funneling their needs for high performance, shape shifting products.”

“We’re opening more doors on a daily basis, and are constantly offering our products to new consumers, as demand for high compression, curve creating shape wear keeps growing.”

When asked about his pricing strategy, Pasos replied, “We work closely with our partner retailers to maintain a fair competitive environment and for the most times they understand the value behind it. We strongly believe the commitment to maintaining price points across channels and doors adds value to the perception of the brand by customers and is a long term winning strategy.

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Published 07-02-2015 by Nick Monjo

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