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Rixie Clip Lets Users Reduce Bra Band Size

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). While there are many bra extenders on the market, the key to the patented Rixie Clip is that it also allows users to reduce band size. As a result, this recent invention has been finding a growing list of customers.

Created by Dixie Telisak and Rick Acker a few years ago, the name of the bra extender is an amalgam of their two first names. “Rick and I developed this product to solve my own personal struggles in the bra world,” explained Telisak. “My options to shop from at department stores offered nothing near my small 28 bands size. Even searching online and at specialty stores, generally no one seemed to carry the 28 band size I was seeking. Did women who require a 28 band size become extinct?”

Failing to find an accessory that would allow her to tighten her bra, the two partners began developing various prototypes. After many months, “We eventually incorporated different aspects from different trials and ideas combined into a single product that worked well with a comfortable fit and wasn’t noticeable beneath clothing. The Rixie Clip design was born.” Since then the company has trademarked the name and has been issued U.S. patent #US8408964. International patents are currently pending. In 2012 the company has been selling one two-hook version to customers. Since then they have sold the product all around the world and have expanded to offer four different sizes.

Versions are now available with either 2 hooks or 3 hooks and with either 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch spacing between the hooks. All the Rixie Clips retail for $9.95 or $24.95 for a pack of three on the company’s website. Black, white and nude versions are offered.

Telisak explained that “Rixie Clip’s revolutionary design can help you tighten your bra bands by up to two inches within minutes. Finally there is now a way to get an affordable custom fit from your bras in almost an instant, but without leaving any permanent alterations like traditional custom bra alterations leave you with. Rixie Clip is easy to use with its fully adjustable capabilities and can be changed to meet your fitting needs as often as you like! Even better, Rixie Clip is dual purposed and can also be used as an extender to enlarge your band size giving you a wider range of fitting sizes for that perfect fit you have always dreamed of.”

The designer told BODY that customer feedback has been “a key factor” in the company’s adding improvements to the product. “Taking all of this information in account over time from hundreds of women around the globe, we made changes to Rixie Clip.” She added, “We base our product around the customer and their needs, and are always happy to hear any suggestions they may have for any possible future improvements to Rixie Clip.” Contact Rixie Clip at or (715) 313-4004.

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