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Aerie: by American Eagle Aerie: by American Eagle Aerie: by American Eagle Aerie: by American Eagle Aerie: by American Eagle
Aerie: by American Eagle

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Aerie: by American Eagle

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Aerie: by American Eagle

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Aerie: by American Eagle

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Aerie: by American Eagle

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Aerie for Yellowberry: New Tween Collection

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Aerie launched, at the end of March, Aerie for Yellowberry, a nine piece “collaborative bra collection for girls 11 to 15” announced the company, which is the intimates division of American Eagle Outfitters.

Yellowberry, founded by Megan Grassell (now 19 years old), with a Kickstarter fundraising campaign in 2013, is an independent producer of bras for the same audience. It currently offers 28 bras on its own website.

The Aerie for Yellowberry collection is offered exclusively on the Aerie website. Six bras retail for $34.95 and three for $29.95. Six are 90% cotton and 10% spandex; the rest are 82% nylon, 13% poly and 5% spandex and feature a racerback design. Solid, striped and polka dot versions are offered, in a range of soft colors. The bras are “Sized for our lil’ sisters!:” Youth S, Youth M, Youth L and Youth XL. All are lined and provide full coverage with no tags or clasps. The three styles are named Lil’ Sis, Fresh Picked and Freebird. Aerie informs that the bras are imported and should be hand washed.

“This is the perfect sisterhood for two brands, supporting the common belief that every girl should be confident and comfortable, embracing their real self,” declared Jennifer Foyle, Aerie brand president, at the launch. “Aerie is pleased to announce that proceeds from Aerie for Yellowberry will support the entrepreneurial spirit of Megan and Yellowberry and see that its message of positive body image continues to spread.”

Grassell announces, on her own Yellowberry website, her goal is to “build a bra that is unique and colorful, made for all girls who love and enjoy their youthful, yellow stages in life.” Elsewhere she explains that “Before a fruit is fully ripened, it is just a yellow berry.”

The bras on Yellowberry’s own site are all made in the U.S., retailing for $29.95 to $42.95. These bras are more elaborately designed and colored than those on the Aerie site.

While Yellowberry’s own products are currently only available in its own web store, the Aerie announcement stated, “Certain strategic partnerships will make available new lines of product in the near future.”

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