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The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez A Look from Shapeez.
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
A Look from Shapeez.

Added: Jul 2011

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Shapeez Adding Videos, New Features To Site

Still shots from Shapeez videos on its website.
Still shots from Shapeez videos on its website.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Shapeez is in now completing a series of information videos designed to show, on attractive models, how their bras and shaping garments look from all angles and in a variety of poses and activities. This comes as the company is in the midst of upgrading its already highly detailed website.

Shapeez products focus on a patented design that eliminates the look of bra bulges and back fat, while at the same time providing full bra support and slimming and shaping benefits for wearers.

David Berner, CFO explained to BODY that, among other uses, the company will provide the new videos to its many retail customers to show on the display screens in the selling areas of their stores. The videos will also be used on the new version of the company’s website, to allow customers to become more acquainted with Shapeez products and how they look in action.

A sample of some of the videos can be found here:


Tankee Slip:


Future videos will also include interviews with the company’s founder and product inventor, Staci Berner, explaining the various product benefits. “We are often asked if we have videos of our products, and now we do,” said David Berner.

The upgrades to the Shapeez website will raise the company’s profile and help generate a more informed consumer, continued the CFO. The website will also soon have still photos of all products, shot from front and back, “and the nice thing is that all of the images will have full zoom capability,” added Berner. “So that customers will be able to zoom in on the lace and examine other product details.” Other features will allow consumers to view their order histories, track shipments and store credit card and shipping information to make ordering easier.

“There will be all new sorting and searching capabilities,” said the CFO, as well as more customer testimonials for each product, and more before and after photos. The site is being streamlined as well, “so that all you need is a few clicks to find the info you want.”

Other sections that will eventually be added will include “feeds from Pinterest,” company announcements, trade show photos and a blog from founder Staci Berner. “We plan to roll out the various new features over time,” explained Berner, with the aim to keep the site fresh and ever-changing for customers.

In another company development, David Berner revealed that all Shapeez product now have UPC codes, designed to make ordering easier for vendors. He added that the company has now fully integrated an EDI ordering system with Von Maur, one of its department store customers.

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