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Fajas Diseños D’Prada: Compression Specialist

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Fajas Diseños D’Prada is filling demands in the solutions market for “post-surgical care, postpartum wear, and daily-wear compression garments for men and women utilizing the utmost innovative technology, design, and quality,” according to a company spokesperson.

Fajas Diseños D’Prada, which originated in Colombia, now has “an extensive network of distributors in various countries,” and offers a wide range of designs to meet a variety of conditions. “We design and develop products according to market needs with the highest standards and demands; guarantying comfort with each and every one of our garments. Fajas Diseños D’Prada is recognized by consumers for its attainability due to high quality textures and our differentiated service.”

According to the spokesperson, “Our number one priority is the satisfaction of all of our customers. Our policy is to provide quality products through innovation and continuous improvement.”

The fabrications set the company apart. According to the source, “Our major feature is the softness in the fabric, as all garments are VivelTex certified; a combination vitamin E, seaweed, and ginkgo biloba. The combination of these ingredients helps moisturize and reaffirm the skin, enhancing results for a more sculpted and slim figure and also helping skin heal following surgical procedures. All garments are fully lined in soft, elastic and compression fabric, in addition to its technical specifications. Hypoallergenic fabrics with multiple benefits provide the ideal amount of compression to accelerate the recovery of swollen tissues; consequence of surgical procedures. Utilizing the latest technology and design innovation, Fajas Diseños D’Prada garments are able to help decrease swollenness and edemas caused by traumatic and surgical procedures as well as helping correct body posture and transform your body. Fajas Diseños D’Prada provides patients and daily wear users with comfort and relief for longer time periods.”

The spokesperson emphasized that “Fajas Diseños D’Prada is unique in the market for the VivelTex certification, which means it is a fact that vitamin E, seaweed, and ginkgo biloba properties are in each and every one of our garments. Our garment aroma speaks to this. All of our garments are able to provide an even amount of compression; helping the elimination of body fluids and decreasing fat cell accumulation. It is a hypoallergenic fabric with multiple benefits, avoiding skin burns and irritations, nor creating auxiliary tourniquets, among others. Our garment is able to create an incredible feeling of softness thanks to its skin-soft like inner lining in Lycra; avoiding skin burns and irritations. The cool fabrics and refreshing textures are like no other.”

The company executive noted that vitamin E helps “protect cells from damage,” is “effective for healing types of skin sores and reduce scarring,” is an antioxidant that “helps regenerate skin” and is “great for aging skin, improves skin elasticity.” Seaweed “contains vitamins A, E, and C,” as well as “minerals such as zinc, selenium, and potassium.” It “helps to eliminate fat and reduce in size” and “may also enhance the texture of the skin.”

Finally, the source claimed, ginkgo biloba “serves as an anti-inflammatory agent,” providing “anti-allergenic properties,” as well as helping in “skin rejuvenation, creating a firmer skin tone,” and helping to “improve skin sores (depending on the damage).”

Thus, the combination of these elements in VivelTex, allows users “to wear the garments through longer periods of time, generating long-lasting results following surgical procedures, and also providing long-lasting weight loss and body sculpting results. It is necessary because even through long hours of use, once the garments are taken off users are able to experience soft skin without irritation or burning sensation.”

According to the company, Fajas Diseños D’Prada garments are useful in a wide range of situations that include “postpartum, body sculpting and daily wear” as a “figure enhancer.” The company’s garments are “designed specifically to emphasize elegance, control, and comfort.” Both high and medium compression garments are offered and many provide “double abdominal reinforcement for a flatter stomach” and can help correct posture, “enhances figure, especially hips and breasts,” can act as a “buttocks lifter,” as well as providing “cellulite control,” and help to “eliminate body fluids” and aid in “decreasing fat cells accumulation (cellulite appearance reduction).”

As special occasion wear, the company’s garments provide “inner skin-soft like texture [that] allows comfort and control,” as well flat seams that work well under clothing and colors that work for a “all skin types.”

The company garments that are “designed specifically for post-surgical procedures” are “fully lined with cool spandex and flat seams to avoid stripping of the skin” and “contribute to decreased tissue inflammation,” “improve the adhesion of the skin to the muscle,” reduce “pain and improve skin healing in the injured tissue” and help “correct body posture helping to reduce back pain.” In addition, these garments provide “compression levels” that help “eliminate body fluids.”

The company provides both an English speaking line: 401-743-4196 and a Spanish speaking line: 401-726-6162. Company emails include: and

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Fajas Diseños D’Prada: Compression Specialist

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