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U.S. Launch Successful, Ana Grant Adds Sizes

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Ana Grant, the moderately-priced Canadian brand that launched in the U.S. last year, has just expanded its size range of its Daisy T-shirt bra to include DD, DDD and G. It has also expanded sizing on its strapless, Symphony bra to DDD.

The production company behind the Ana Grant collection has been making bras in the private label market for 50 years according to owner Pablo Zimmerman. And producing stylish lingerie with great fit and pricing is the specialty. Ana Grant designs its own cups to have a uniquely firm fit, with light padding. “It doesn’t go into production until the fit is perfect,” emphasized the owner.

Ana Grant uses fabrics with a very smooth, jacquard lace effect that does not show through clothing. Bras are available in black, white and nude, with additional colors planned for the future. The company produces a wide range of styles to appeal to buyers of a range of tastes and ages.

Unlike so many companies today, Ana Grant does not sell directly to consumers. “We do not retail. That is the job of the retailers. We make great bras. That’s our job.” Zimmerman added, “we do not sell internet discounters. If a consumer buys a bra at your store they will have to come back to you to buy more. We also will protect the territory of our retailers and will not sell a neighboring retailer.”

Wholesale prices for Ana Grant bras are in the $14 to $19 range according to Zimmerman. For example, the padded T-shirt bra wholesales for $13.92, the molded, padded, strapless bra wholesales for $18.72.

Zimmerman told BODY he sees “Ana Grant as a great wardrobe staple,” a bra that is reliable and provides great value. “Turn around time on an order is 7 to 10 days. We want our customers to be able to order as they need and know they will get goods quickly.”

According to the executive, “The reaction from customers has been great. They love the fit, love the fabric! Our bras are extremely comfortable! Great fit means comfort.”

Zimmerman noted that Ana Grant’s recent introduction to the market should be perceived as a plus. “This is a new line that is not on every street corner. Retailers have to be unique these days.” He pointed out that specialty stores that carry brands that are widely available and heavily discounted will find they are fitting customers in one bra and then seeing them “go elsewhere to buy it 60% off. We are not retailing Ana Grant. If the customers like the product they will have to go back to the retailer that sold it to them. We also protect their territories so that the line will remain exclusive to them. We value our customers,” he concluded. Just as “retailers will come to value Ana Grant.”

Zimmerman listed additional benefits to carrying his brand. Retailers “pay less for the product and make more money. We provide greater margins and more profit to the retailer.”

With the launch in the U.S. progressing well, “We are bringing in bigger inventory this year, especially in the styles that sold early last year. Our product is very affordable, quality is not limited to price here. You can match our product next to bras at twice the price and see our quality levels shine.”

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