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Bumbrella: Panty+Slip Combo In March Launch

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). A new product combining the “comfort of a well-fitting panty with the convenience of an attached mini slip” called “bumbrella” (the designer does not capitalize the name) arrives in the market in March. It is the 2012 patent-pending invention of Tara Gallagher, founder of CiCi Soleil Ltd.

“It started with one black dress on a hot day,” Gallagher, who is an MD and mother of three, told BODY. “I was surprised to realize my dress was completely transparent in the sunlight…at a funeral, no less! My embarrassment was on par with those mortifying dreams of standing naked in front of a crowd! If this happened to me, it was probably happening to 1000s of other unsuspecting women. I had never given much thought to slips because the only options were outdated “granny slips” and shapewear, neither of which I found especially appealing.”

The creator said that “After searching the market for such a garment without any luck, I designed my dream slip! My simple solution provides a sleek look without the squeeze. I call it bumbrella—an umbrella for your bum!”

“The bumbrella comes in two style: hipster brief and thong,” explained Gallagher. “The variation is in the panty. Both styles have the convenience of the attached mini slip.” Sizes range from XS through XL, and the product is available in nude, black and “true blue. True blue is our signature color.”

Suggested retail price for the bumbrella is $48, and there is “tiered wholesale pricing based on volume: Up to 500 units/ $24 per unit; 501-1000 units/ $23 per unit; Over 1000 units/ $22 per unit.”

According to Gallagher, friends and prospective customers “love the bumbrella. The first thing they say is…’Wow, that’s so simple…I wish I thought of that’. They think it’s simply brilliant, which is humbling because I was just trying to create I product to address a problem. I imagined this new concept would be well received by others because there was a clear void in the market for a functional, comfortable and cute undergarment! The next question I hear is, ‘Where can I get one, I need that.’ Everyone has been so supportive of the idea. People love the name! Everyone instantly identifies with the nuisance of wearing shapewear and granny slips and really appreciate the idea of a more modern take on the dated half slip. Many women have also commented on how hard it is to even find a slip in stores so they’re really excited about this new option. My first retail account can hardly wait to stock the produce. She thinks it will ‘Fly off the shelf, It’s so fresh and new.’”

Gallagher believes her new invention is a better alternative to what is available. “In a market saturated with shapewear and few easy to wear products, the unique bumbrella pantyslip fills a niche, making dressing a breeze! The bumbrella offers a comfortable, daily wear alternative to constricting shapewear and bulky “granny” half slips. Its smoothing, non-compressive concealment is the perfect base layer solution for embarrassing wardrobe problems including see-through, clingy skirts and dresses. Its innovative design anchors the garment with a shared waistband, preventing the annoying twist, turn and ride up commonly associated with half slips. Its mid-thigh length is ideal for all hemlines. Fashioned from a lightweight, luxury fabric, the bumbrella has an imperceptible, barely-there feeling. It’s destined to become a favorite wardrobe staple.”

There are important health benefits associated with her invention according to Gallagher. “It’s a healthier alternative to wearing shape wear slips on a daily basis. Chronic overuse of compressive/tight garments has caused an increased incidence in women’s health issues. The bumbrella is a perfect daily wear underpinning since it is non-compressive. It simply smooths and makes you look better in your clothes. It doesn’t squish and squeeze the body creating bulges where they didn’t exist before. It enhances a women’s natural figure. It ‘s very liberating. Women no longer need to struggle to get in and out of the garment.”

In addition, Gallagher noted, “It’s also and attractive, modern design that they won’t be embarrassed to be seen in it by their significant other. Long gone are the days of slipping into the bathroom to remove an offensive garment! Easy to get on and off. The fabric is light and cool, perfect for warmer climates, keeping the wearer comfortable all day long. The mini-slip length is prefect for all hemlines. The convenience of the attached panty makes dressing easier and banishes VPL. Women can now look good and feel good in their skirts and dresses.” She added that “Women can actually feel naked, without looking naked. I think it gives a natural, “bum-believable” shape to a women’s body.”

One retailer that has already ordered bumbrella is The Wandering Wardrobe/Small Box. “The Small Box is an innovative new urban retail concept in downtown Cleveland’s thriving warehouse district. This development includes retail shops inside shipping containers. It’s a fun way to bring more retail options to the downtown area. The Wandering Wardrobe is a mobile boutique truck that roams the streets of Cleveland much like a food truck. This is a rapidly growing segment in retail.”

Gallagher’s marketing plan calls for selling bumbrella exclusively through retail stores. “However, the product will be available for a limited time online for the launch beginning mid-March at until significant retail distribution is secured. If however, prior to this time, a national retail account picks up the line, online retail sales will not be available.”

The designer added, *The product is suitable for many retail outlets including women’s contemporary RTW, lingerie specialty, bridal, department store.” It should appeal to a wide variety of retailers because “The product will not take up a lot of valuable retail space,” provides *Excellent margins,” and “It is appropriate for all women, regardless of age and body type.”

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