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The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Short by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez The Demee Long by Shapeez A Look from Shapeez.
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Short by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
The Demee Long by Shapeez

Added: Jan 2016
A Look from Shapeez.

Added: Jul 2011

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Shapeez, Continuing To Innovate, Grows In 2014

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). “We’re having our best year ever,” declared David Berner, CFO at Shapeez, while explaining in detail which products led the way, and previewing upcoming releases that he predicted will accelerate growth in 2015.

Overall, Berner reported, “a 25% increase over last year” in sales, this on top of a substantial increase in 2013 over 2012.

Shapeez offers a number of different bras and shaping pieces, but all focus on a patented design that eliminates the look of bra bulges and back fat, while at the same time providing full bra support and slimming and shaping benefits.

Canada, one area that began 2014 slowly because of the harsh winter there, was a challenge. But Berner added, “the numbers are up for September, October and November” and should at least equal last year.

One major element to Shapeez’ sale growth this year was the Tankee Slip, which the company introduced at the end of 2013. “It has been a really big seller for us,” Berner said. Founder and designer Staci Berner describes the garment as “Our full-length bra and body shaping slip, which is designed to be worn under dresses and skirts. It combines a full-support under wire bra with tummy control that slims and smooths the entire torso. The slip extends to the knee area and is one of the only shaping slips on the market that doesn’t roll up when worn throughout the day. As with all our garments, the slip eliminates bra lines and back bulges and is comfortable to wear because of its moisture wicking cool tex fabric.”

Another standout for the company t1n 2014 was the Sportee, which was introduced in mid-2013. “Our customers had been calling for a sports bra, and we saw the need in the market for one that is fashion forward and is comfortable to wear,” Staci Berner said. “The Sportee minimizes bounce during your workouts or favorite sports, eliminates the unflattering “uniboob” look you get with many sports bras and, of course, smooths out the back. It features under wire molded foam cups and a breathable mesh back.”

A key factor that has allowed Shapeez to continue to grow is the unflagging strength of its very first bra, the Ultimate. “It’s still our number one seller, even though it has been in the line since 2005,” said Staci Berner. The garment offers molded under wire cups that “shape and support the breasts with light foam padding.” The wearer “instantly looks thinner because there are no elastic bands to alter her back with bulges. She instantly has more self confidence to wear even the tightest clothing.”

Soon to be released, and expected to keep the sales growing in 2015, is the Demee Long and Demee Short push up bras, “This is the sexy side of Shapeez coming through,” said Staci Berner. Samples of the Demee have already arrived and the company is planning to start showing the bra and taking orders at the upcoming WWIN show in February in Las Vegas. “This is a beautiful, elegant and sexy bra,” Berner continued. “We had not moved into the sexy space before.” Photos will be available soon (and will be included in an upcoming issue of BODY), but she described the bra as “a sexy push up bra that also keeps the back smooth and the tummy slim. “The Demee Short will be Shapeez’ first bra with a front closure which customers have been asking for.”

To go along with the Demee bras, Shapeez is also planning to introduce a few styles of matching panties., a first for the company. “We listen to what our customers are saying. And we keep innovating and improving on our original concept,” concluded Berner.

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