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UpBra Permits Easy Adjustment Of Cleavage

Model using adjustment straps on the UpBra to control the amount of lift and cleavage.
Model using adjustment straps on the UpBra to control the amount of lift and cleavage.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). “The UpBra represents a huge jump in the evolution of the push up bra,” explained Mark Redenius, the inventor of its patented lifting ability. “Now with a simple pull of the adjustment straps, women can control how much — or how little — cleavage they are showing.”

This new bra is just launching, and the Upbra parent company is seeking a select group of retail partners to introduce the UpBra to their customers.

In video interview sequences on the Upbra website, women can be seen effortlessly increasing the cleavage the UpBra provides - nearly instantly. The results are dramatic, and from the seemingly genuine reactions of the women modeling the bra, highly appreciated.

“The UpBra bra is the first fully adjustable push up bra,” explains Redenius. “It lets any woman get as much lift and cleavage as she wants. Now with this one bra you can spend the day in the office with a modest cleavage. Then when you are ready to go out to dinner date or dancing, you can increase your cleavage in literally one second.”

The Upbra has been in development for nearly a decade. The first Upbra model to hit the market will be the “Convertible/Strapless” Upbra Bra, designed for over a dozen strap settings, including strapless. The sizes offered are 32B-D, 34A-D, 36A-D, and 38B-C in nude and black, with more colors soon. The Convertible/Strapless Upbra bra is launching with an initial manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $99.95, and is offered at an introductory wholesale price of $46.50.

With a collection of engaging videos on their website that show a bra that seems to almost sell itself, Redenius emphasizes he wants to control the roll out carefully. “We are not looking to flood the market with this bra. We want every customer to be thrilled and every retail partner to love the bra, so we are looking to work with a select group of retailers who can explain this concept and introduce it to their customers. And we intend to protect this group of retail partners.”

Women praise the UpBra for several reasons besides its adjustability. “they like the idea that their cleavage isnt foam pads inside the bra,” said Redenius. “They like the fact the cleavage is natural, it’s all them, and they are controlling it.”

Another competitive strength of the Upbra is as a strapless bra. “We realized early on that the Upbra would inherently be fantastic for the wedding and formal dress market, since the upward force does a fantastic job of keeping the bra in place when worn strapless.” Redenius added “So on top of everything else it does, when it’s strapless, it holds you more firmly and with more stability than other bras.”

“One thing that surprised us” Redenius stated “was that every women I’ve talked with has told us us the UpBra is as comfortable or more comfortable than their other bras. That was actually a wonderful accident of design.”

While the UpBra is new, Redenius’ presence in the apparel industry is not. In 1992 he developed Cooltan tan-through shirts and swimwear. “We created Cooltan to provide apparel that would not cause ugly tan lines — and at the same time provide a degree of protection from the sun similar to that of a medium level sun screen. And it was a hit from the start.”

The success of Cooltan has allowed the Upbra design team to fully perfect the function and styling without a rush to market. “As we saw how much women appreciated what Upbra was doing for them, it eventually became a labor of love and precision, so we decided to take the extra time to accomplish everything we wanted to do. “ When asked about their retail launch strategy Redenius said “Our idea is to establish the UpBra in a network of high quality stores across the country. It is made right here in California, so lets keep it special. We want the right stores. And we want to make sure our retail partners are as happy selling the Upbra and their customer are as happy wearing it as we are making it.

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