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A look from Dana co. A look from Dana co. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection. Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.
A look from Dana co.

Added: Jun 2012
A look from Dana co.

Added: Jun 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012
Natori by Dana Co Spring 2012 Collection.

Added: Feb 2012

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Elder Comments About Benefits Of GO2BRAS

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Connie Elder founded Lipo in a Box in 2001 and soon after went on to launch its sister brand, GO2BRAS. In 2012 she sold both to Dana-co, but remains as spokesperson for the brands as well the on-air sales person for the lines on the QVC Shopping Channel. We interviewed her recently about the extensive bra line for larger busted women, styles of which range in retail price on the firm’s website from $18 to $39.

BODY: Comfort and large bra cups are two of the most talked about segments of the bra business today. What sets GO2BRAS apart from the other choices in the market?

ELDER:  Our focus with GO2BRAS is to provide reliable options for the modern classic woman. GO2BRAS offers solutions which women can count on, to enhance and flatter any shape and size body.  We do this by staying focused on exceptional fit, offering a variety of functions, while being on trend with fashion.

BODY: What are the strong points of the bras, point by point?  Please indicate how you compare with the rest of the market on these points.


ELDER: Fit: The design team at Dana-Co is known for exceptional fit. With this talented team developing styles for GO2BRAS, the customers will come to know and love the predictable fit they will get from our brand of bras.

Quality: Customers will recognize the quality of the bra as soon as it is in their hands, not to mention, once it is on their body. This includes but is not limited to the fabric quality, the attention to details for added comfort and support and the durability of the components used in the construction of the bras. All of these features are noticeable immediately and over time and has created loyal customers to the brand. It is becoming a standard to measure up to in the mind of the customer. Solution oriented functions: GO2BRAS is addressing the needs of the modern classic women from everyday comfort to specific fashion choices that create challenges in regards to what bra to wear. This includes the need for the comfortable T-shirt friendly bra, the convertible bra for racer back tops, the strapless bra that really works, the back smoothing bra for snug fitting fashions, the bra with comfort straps that won’t dig in her shoulders, the bra with an under-wire that won’t poke through, and so much more! We understand what our customers want and need, because we have the same wants and needs as she does. 

Fashionable styling: Our talented design team is always on trend and forward thinking when it comes to fashionable styling for GO2BRAS. This is apparent in the fabrics, detail components and exceptional styling of the bras.  Sometimes our goal with a particular style is to quietly support the outer fashions our customer chooses to wear.  We accomplish this with style, too.

BODY: Where does the line fit in the market in terms of pricing?

ELDER: We believe we are the highest quality bra brand with a moderate price point. 

BODY: What was the inspiration for the line?

ELDER: After several years of success as the founder of Lipo in a Box, a line of women’s shapewear launched on QVC in 2002, customers began to request that I consider tackling their wish list for wearable bras for the larger busted woman.  Having always been a larger busted woman myself, I believed there was a void in the market for attractive, solution oriented bras for larger bust sizes.  I personally remember a time I couldn’t find anything pretty in my size, a seamless bra in my size at all, or a strapless bra that would actually work for my larger cup size.  Many women like myself were having to wear the wrong size bra, because the right size bra was not available as a choice. Therefore I took on the challenge for myself and others like me.  My goal was to make shopping for bras became a pleasant experience for women that was confidence building, not disappointing and unsatisfying.  Finding the right bra is uplifting and supporting for the body and soul!

BODY: Explain the name of the brand?

ELDER: Quickly after launching the line, it became evident these bras were becoming women’s ‘go-to bras’.   They were thrilled to find bras that fit and flattered their figure.  Women found these bras to be the undergarment they reached for each morning.  They were wearing them over and over and buying more styles and colors.  When it came time to finalize a brand name, GO2BRAS seem to describe perfectly what the brand represents for women.

BODY: What are your goals for the brand over the next three years?

ELDER: Over the next 3 years Go2Bras will become an important QVC brand that will be seen in the homes of 90 million people.  At the same time, we will focus on growing our boutique business, offering a brand and styling that cannot be found in Department Stores

BODY: What other comments do you have about today’s bra market in general and where is it going?

ELDER: It is apparent that the population is getting larger busted by both means of aging and breast augmentation.  Currently there is a generation of aging women with breast augmentation.  These factors create different demands for technical design and development teams, than have ever existed before.

Due to the lack of experience with this new challenge for the industry, I personally believe listening to the ‘wish list’ of our customers is the best and quickest avenue to satisfied customers.  She knows what she wants and she knows what she needs.  She needs us as lingerie companies to listen to her and use our expertise in technical design and development to give her what she wants to buy.   Simply put…supply the demand for product that delivers what she wants.

BODY: Why should women shop for GO2BRAS brand, instead of a competitor?

ELDER: GO2BRAS charges our technical design and fit experts to develop wearable solutions that truly satisfy most women’s bra ‘wish list’.  We accomplish this by listening to what real women would like to see different and improved in current bra designs and features. Next we present these ideas and challenges to our talented design and fit teams.  The outcome is a collection of bras that women want to wear every day and tell their best friends about.

BODY: What are the best aspects of your favorite bra?

ELDER: I am absolutely in love with our Lacy not Racy Cami bra from GO2BRAS.  This bra offers lots of versatility.  I love the fact that it is truly…Lacy not Racy!  I wear it as a layering piece and it extends my wardrobe.  Tops, dresses or jackets that show a bit too much, I can team up this cami bra, while being comfortable in any setting from the office to date night.  The lace is soft next to the skin and feminine, yet opaque unlike most cami bras which still shows cleavage through the lace.  Sheer lace cami bras, while being sexy, limit where they can be worn appropriately.  There are no limits with Lacy not Racy.

The comfort straps are just that, very cushy and comfortable, while disguising the bra as your favorite camisole.  Comfort isn’t limited to the straps, the microfiber back wing hugs and fits like a second skin.  This bra provide all day support, comfort with unlimited possibilities for complimenting your fashion choices. 

BODY: How does GO2BRAS balance comfort with wearability?

ELDER: GO2BRAS uses only high quality fabrics and components.   Our design team works with fine fabrics and components to develop features within each bra style that provides comfort while satisfying our customers desired variety of fashion needs. 

BODY: How does GO2BRAS cater to both modern and traditional women?

ELDER: All women want quality made, practical bras with exceptional fit, for a fair price.  This includes the women with modern flare as well as the women with more traditional values and taste.  We offer variety in styling and solutions for either woman.  Both the modern and traditional women can find what she wants and needs within the GO2BRAS brand.  We are able to satisfy the needs of both by providing practical solutions, in a quality product with exceptional fit, while being on trend with fabrics and style.

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