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Jockey: Supersoft Collection

Added: Jun 2010
Jockey: Supersoft Collection

Added: Jun 2010
Jockey: Supersoft Collection

Added: Jun 2010
Jockey: Stay Cool

Added: May 2010
Jockey: Stay Cool

Added: May 2010

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Skepticism For Jockey’s Bra Sizing System

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Reaction in the press to Jockey’s new Volumetric Fit System has been generally skeptical, despite the universally-quoted “statistics” that most women are wearing the wrong size bra.

At the end of May the company introduced “Jockey Bra,” which replaces traditional band and cup sizing with a new fitting system based on determining one’s under bust measurement (30” to 42”) and finding the best fitting of one of ten plastic cups supplied (at a cost of $19.95), by Jockey. Under the patented system you will hear sizes like 3-40 and 9-38. The new system also “replaces underwires with a 3-D Contour support” cup, and the company “guarantees consistent sizing in styles that will not be discontinued.”

Five bra styles in three different colors are offered, each retailing for $60. In all there are 55 different possible sizes. The bra sizing kit contains ten “volumetric fit cups,” a color-coded measuring tape, a lingerie wash bag and a coupon for $20 off the first Jockey Bra purchased. The kit also comes with “a love at first fit” guarantee.

Writing on, Michelle Ruiz declared, “If they have their way, you’d squish your boobs into various cups, measure your rib cage, then be compelled to buy its $60 Jockey Bra.” She concluded, “Chances are I’ll be too lazy to get online and pay $20 for a chicken cutlet sizing kit, measure my breasts, and then go find the right Jockey Bra. For $60. Isn’t it hard enough to get girls, and by girls I mean myself, to put on a bra in the first place?”

Writing in the New York Times, Stephanie Clifford stated, “Whether Jockey’s approach will catch on is uncertain,” but conceded the bra is “another step in the evolution of the modern brassiere.” She pointed out that at $60 the bra costs “more than many competitors, despite its functional looks and a limited choice of colors: beige, white or black.” She added, “The Jockey Bra confronts several business challenges,” including the difficulty of introducing a completely new measuring system to the public while at the same time trying to get women to pay up front to join in the experiment.

Clifford, in her article, quotes Charla Welch of The Bra Crusader blog, as stating the plastic-cup approach “wasn’t very comfortable” and “Maybe it’s just larger breasts, but I had to work it into the plastic cup.” Clifford reported that “In standard sizes, Ms. Welch is a 32H, a 9-32 in Jockey’s size.”

Jockey claims it spent eight years developing the Jockey Bra, scanning “800 female bodies.” Declared, Sally Tomkins, senior vice president of design, research and product development for Jockey, “We knew we had to come to market with the best possible product in order to really make a difference in women’s lives,” adding, “Through our research, and countless hours of testing and talking with women, we are confident we are answering women’s desire for the perfect-fitting bra.”

According to the company, “Jockey Bra is now available at, at Jockey outlet stores and at the first Jockey Bra boutique concept at Woodfield Mall in suburban Chicago.”

“Jockey has several challenges ahead, the first of which is simple: The bra cups look kind of weird. When we held floppy plastic pieces in our hands, we were hesitant -- we’re supposed to put this where?” wrote Ellie Krupnick on The Huffington Post. “The self-measuring method may also be imprecise,” she continued, adding “Jockey is also just one company, albeit a popular one. They may change their bra sizes, but the majority of bra companies still use the classic A-B-C cup sizes. Unless women loyally shop at Jockey alone, they now have to contend with multiple sizing systems.”

“The brand is asking customers to shell out money up front for a completely unknown product — pretty risky move,” wrote Lauren Le Vine at, referring to the initial purchase of the sizing kit. And she noted that “At $60 each, the company is asking customers to put a lot of faith in this whole sizing revolution — although it does come with a money-back guarantee.”

Katy Waldman, writing on, seemed somewhat more willing to join the experiment. “Sixty dollars, no lie, is kind of pricey for a bra, and with all those numbers, who can keep track? But consider the totalitarian bent of the current taxonomic system, and consider how you feel about your current snowflake holders. As a longtime underwear discontent, I am ready to lift my cup(s) to a new world order.”

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Published 06-10-2013 by Nick Monjo

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