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Added: Aug 2012
Bragel model.

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Bragel model.

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March Intro for Bragel’s Improved ‘NuBra 3-D’

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Bragel, the maker of the NuBra collection of adhesive bras, will bring to the U.S. in March its NuBra 3-D, the latest in what has been a series of design innovations. The 3-D, which had previously been announced, features cups with an improved shape to better conform, than earlier models, to the chest of the wearer. (Old and new versions of cups shown in the accompanying photo for comparison purposes. 3-D will be sold only as complete bra with two cups).

“The original NuBra became an instant success due to its revolutionized concept of strapless, backless and reusable self-adhesive bra,” declared Daren Peng of Bragel in explaining the latest enhancements. “NuBra’s versatility, comfort and the feeling of freedom from binding straps when wearing NuBra is unmatched. However, some women felt that the weight of the silicone gel reduces its comfort level if they are worn for an extended period of time. Our engineers took on the task of making a great product better! Using the same high quality silicone gel and medical grade adhesive found on the original NuBra, NuBra is ready to introduce a new generation of silicone bra that not only provides lift and cleavage control, but also offers better fit and comfort for all occasions, all year round.”

Peng added, “This bra is perfect for [the] woman who prefers the seamless, natural, flesh-like feel of the silicone gel construction just like the original NuBra but with reduced felt-weight. This significant improvement is the result of the re-engineered contour on the bra cups for a better weight distribution.”

According to the NuBra executive, “NuBra 3-D will make its debut in Japan in Spring 2013 and many other countries will follow.” The bra will “be available in the US by March, 2013.” Three cup sizes are available, A, B and C, and in the U.S. the wholesale price is $31 with a suggested retail price of $65. While the firm has recently been adding a wide variety of colors, print and embellishment to some of its other adhesive bras, “Only the flesh tone (nude color) will be made available for the time being” for the 3-D. According to Peng, “NuBra 3-D will be sold through lingerie boutiques and some department stores.”

The 3-D is a particularly versatile bra, which can even be worn under swimwear, said Peng. “However, the wearer must be aware that NuBra is not designed for swimming, diving or activities that involves a wide range of motion. The wearer also need to be mindful about not allowing any oil/lotion and/or sand to be in contact with the adhesive surface.” The bra itself it “made of polyurethane film filled with 100 per cent silicone and medical grade silicone adhesive coated on the inside of cups.”

The 3-D can be reused many times with proper care, said Peng, “It is recommended that the adhesive surface be washed with mild, non-moisturizing soap rinsed with warm water to restore its tackiness after each use. Lotion, oil, moisturizer, power, perfume lint, sand etc. should be kept away from adhesive and the chest area where NuBra is applied to ensure its reusability. The medical grade silicone adhesive has been certified as been hypo-allergenic by independent laboratories.”

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Published 01-08-2013 by Nick Monjo

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