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Vestal Lists Music Legs’ Sexy Costume Successes

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). In BODY’s continuing series of interviews with leaders of the “sexy costume” industry, we present the comments of Tamera Vestal, the new national director of sales at Music Legs.

BODY: How did the 2012 year end up?

Tamera Vestal, Music Legs: The majority of customers were down or flat for the year. Some were significantly down due to competition and over-saturation. The East has suffered tremendously due to the storms at the same time two consecutive years.

BODY: How was overall sell through?

Vestal: The overall sell-through was not good on packaged costumes and overall sell through was low. Most customers [were] still pretty heavy on packaged costumes at the end of this season. The sell through on accessories was good, overall. More customers are wanting to make their own costumes and be unique.

BODY: What were the top sellers?

Vestal: Terminator costumes (style #70475); clowns (style #70494): 80’s/retro items and characters; neon leggings and accessories; gypsies (style #70493); accessory kits; cat suits, of all colors, styles, and characters; cops, all cops still selling well; more cop accessories requested; SWAT still did well, both male and female; goddess costumes; metallic booty shorts and ruffled booty shorts; bright colored hosiery; animal prints; school girls; burlesque (style #70512).

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Published 12-10-2012 by Nick Monjo

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