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Skweez Couture

Added: Jul 2012
Skweez Couture

Added: Jul 2012
Skweez Couture

Added: Jul 2012
Skweez Couture

Added: Jul 2012
Skweez Couture

Added: Jul 2012

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Real Housewives’ Zarin On Her Skweez Couture

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). BODY’s Ted Vayos interviewed Jill Zarin of “Real Housewives of New York” fame about her recently introduced Skweez Couture line of shapewear.

Vayos: What motivated you to get into the shapewear business? Have you ever done anything like this before in your life?

Zarin: I have been in the hosiery business for 15 years prior to RHONY, so I understand yarn content and testing, and how to design my shapewear with the utmost quality, while still making it accessible for my consumers. I still have existing relationships in the market with not only in the wholesale trade but retail partners as well to expand my distribution. Not only been in the hosiery business, but in fashion my whole career, as a buyer, that I am not sure your readers know! That experience helps creates an environment where I can grow and gain knowledge as well as expertise in my field and pass it on to my Skweez Couture products.

Vayos: Did you take part in the development of the Skweez Couture? What role did you play?

Zarin: Of course I have been involved since the beginning concepts of the logo to the finished product. I approve all designs of product and packaging and give my opinions on everything that my designers do! I love going over the models looks, and also working each season on making sure we have the best looking shapewear on the market.

Vayos: Why do retailers need to consider Skweez Couture over the competition? How is your fit different from the other product offerings that makes it unique?

Zarin: Skweez Couture was developed for women of all shapes and sizes, and we have comprehensively studied the market. We designed products that fill a void, that solve a problem, whether you have a tummy that needs a little slimming or you want that boost in your rear. We have got a product for you that is designed not to roll, and created with targeted compression and panels to tone from every angle and that is what women want!

Vayos: Have you expanded the Skweez Couture line this year? How?

Zarin: We have added beautiful new lace styles to the collection that had a great response as well as seamless ones that had an amazing sell thru. We love that our women email us and ask for new designs and styles, and we try to come up with what they are asking for, if possible.

Vayos: Have you made specific improvements to the existing collection? What?

Zarin: My shapewear is designed to create the maximum slimming effect. We have flown all over the world sourcing the best quality yarns and lace on the market. Our products go through an intense product evaluation to make sure the specifications are accurate and functions as they should. The garments feel amazing on your body and do what they need, because we went above and beyond when researching specialized yarns to use for the shapewear and hosiery products. I brought my experience in the market to the table and developed a shapewear line that exceeded even my expectations, so I hope my customers are happy with it as well. We always look to Europe for their innovations and continually scour the market for new advances that help to keep Skweez in the forefront of the shapewear market.

Vayos: What mistakes did you make with the line? How did you address these problems with the product and your retail partners?

Zarin: It is important for women to understand how important the right fitting garment is and how to use shapewear. When I am at personal appearances to promote Skweez, I always show the women how to step into the garment, and pull up gently. The misconception is that you can pull the shapewear over your head, and that will never work. Women always mention that it is so hard to get on shapewear. It isn’t if you know how to do it! Also women tend to buy shapewear that is too small, and then it bulges, because they think they will get a tighter fit. . We found that to be an issue, so we made a very simple size chart on my tags, that helps the consumer identify their correct size for our product, since every brand fits differently, and what spots the shapewear is meant to slim.

Vayos: What are the top selling styles, colors and size ranges in your line?

Zarin: Our collection is offered in size small- 2XL. Nude is always stronger than black and, of course, fashion styles turn less than the basic ones.

Vayos: Where is the line priced at wholesale? What is your recommended retail price point? Where is Skweez Couture made? Where is your companies distribution center located?

Zarin: Our distribution center is located in Miami, Florida. The majority of our shapewear is made in Europe and oversees, and we are proud of the quality and design of our garments. Our styles range from $25 to $89.

Vayos: What other apparel, accessory or beauty products are being offered by Jill Zarin that would interest specialty stores, department stores and boutiques? Do you plan on expanding your current intimate apparel product offerings to include lingerie, sleepwear, hosiery or activewear?

Zarin: We are one the first fashion forward shapewear lines on the market that provides quality, design and function at an affordable price. Our shapewear is made to last and look pretty while wearing them. We have developed a full range of products that suits women of all ages and sizes, and continue to work on expanding the line into different areas including accessories, and now of course jewelry is being launched in Lord and Taylor this fall.

Vayos: What else can we expect from you in the year ahead?

Zarin: We were most recently listed in Forbes magazine as an emerging shapewear brand for 2102-2013 and are extremely honored. We look forward to what is ahead for Skweez Couture.

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Published 07-20-2012 by Ted Vayos

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