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Shaper by CoCoon and bra by Leonisa. A look from cocoon. A look by Co’Coon. Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011. Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.
Shaper by CoCoon and bra by Leonisa.

Added: Nov 2011
A look from cocoon.

Added: Oct 2011
A look by Co’Coon.

Added: Jul 2011
Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.

Added: Apr 2011
Panty Butt Lifter with Bio Crystals, spring 2011.

Added: Apr 2011

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Shapers with Bio-Crystals from Co’Coon

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Co´Coon, the prominent Colombian producer of girdles and molding garments, has launched a new seamless collection which is impregnated with Bio-Crystals.

According to Katerine Castañeda, a company spokesperson, “These garments combine a soft microfiber and the absence of seams to provide comfort with the most revolutionary scientific advances: the use of bio-crystals. The Bio-Crystals are minute particles of precious metals fused into the fabric of the garment, which do not disappear with washing. The use of this technology applied to body control clothing ensures the removal of localized fat, ostensibly reducing the orange peel, and stimulating the circulatory system by restoring proper blood flow and improving skin elasticity.”

Castañeda added that, “These benefits are possible thanks to the Bio-Crystals particles that are able to refract the infrared rays in natural light back onto the skin. This type of radiant heat from the sun, invisible to our eyes, is rapidly absorbed into the skin causing the excitability of the outer layer cells. So, as the body raises its temperature, it causes dilation of blood vessels, contributing at the same time to the elimination of toxins, facilitating the regeneration of tissues and liquefying the localized fats, which is then removed through sweating and urine.”

In addition to the reported actions of the Bio-Crystals, the garments themselves bring changes. “We must not forget the instant molding benefits, because they take out immediately one or two sizes,” asserted Castañeda. “The garment also enhances and naturally aligns the bust, reduces waistline, flattens the abdomen, reduces hip measurement, enhances the buttocks and shapes the legs while the special fabric massages the thighs, and all around shaper. The shaper has been designed so that it would feel very comfortable for daily use, in order to maximize its effects. ”

‘The main difference with traditional aesthetic treatments and other specialized products,” concluded Castañeda, “is that Co’Coon’s seamless line with Bio-Crystals is available to all, with products between $35 and $45. The trick is consistency, to see results you must use them eight hours a day for 30 days, so some references are provided in kits of three pieces, two of natural color and one black, undetectable with outer clothing. If you do a moderate physical activity, the results are even more rapid and powerful.”

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