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Roma: Bridget by Roma Smoking Bachelor (featuring Bridget Marquardt). Roma: Pimp-inspired Sailor. Roma: Pimp-inspired Sailor.  Roma: Courageous Lion.  Roma: Courageous Lion.
Roma: Bridget by Roma Smoking Bachelor (featuring Bridget Marquardt).

Added: Apr 2011
Roma: Pimp-inspired Sailor.

Added: Apr 2011
Roma: Pimp-inspired Sailor.

Added: Apr 2011
Roma: Courageous Lion.

Added: Apr 2011
Roma: Courageous Lion.

Added: Apr 2011

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Bridget Marquardt Talks Sexy Costumes

The French Maid, Bridget by Roma.
The French Maid, Bridget by Roma.

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). Bridget Marquardt, known for her role in reality television series “The Girls Next Door,” wanted to make a sexy costume line, but she needed a partner company with the know-how to bring her vision to life. She found it in Roma Costume, and Bridget by Roma will hit the shelves for the upcoming Halloween season. Below, BODY's Amanda Torres Price interviews Marquardt on her inspirations, the future of the line and more.

Price: When did you become interested in designing for Roma, and how did the partnership occur?

Marquardt: I knew I wanted to make a costume line, and [Sam Fard, president of Roma] and I ended up having a mutual friend. We met and immediately hit it off. We had the same ideas in mind; I wanted costumes with great quality that were higher-end and felt more like complete outfits than your typical sexy costume. Sam loved that idea, and said he always strives for the highest quality. We also talked about how the majority of Roma’s costumes are made in the U.S., which I really appreciate.

Price: How did you achieve this ‘complete outfit’ look in the fall 2011 line?

Marquardt: I kept in mind what I and other women want and need in a costume, and we came up with 17 total styles for the introductory line. Several of them are three-piece outfits with matching bras, waist cinchers and a skirt. This makes them adjustable: you can wear the outfit as a two-piece for a really sexy event, or, if you want to be a little more conservative while still looking hot, you can wear the waist cincher, which is a real-deal waist cincher with boning that gives you a great hourglass shape. Three or four of the costumes are available in a Queen Size, and I want to go even further with that in the future.

Price: How has your experience of working with Roma been?

Marquardt: It’s been amazing. They are right in Burbank and I’m in LA, which allows me to be very hands-on throughout the design process. Sam knows the fabrics and embellishments extremely well, and it’s easy for me to pop over and see the materials. Sam has been so easy to work with: he’s happy to accommodate my desires and really listens to my ideas.

Price: When I spoke to Sam, he said you are bringing a lot of exciting costume ideas to the table based on your love of dressing up. What are some of your inspirations?

Marquardt: Some of the ideas I brought to the line are costumes that I’ve designed and worn at parties at the [Playboy] mansion, the Palms and other places, [such as] the Smoking Bachelor and the Mermaid. There are so many girls in great outfits at the mansion parties, and I was always wanting to have the coolest, most unique costume there. There are also some designs included in the Bridget by Roma line that I haven’t worn, such as the French Maid. This is a French Maid that hasn’t been done before: it is a little more like an authentic maid costume, with real uniform material, but with sexy qualities as well like a short skirt with a petticoat. I like costumes that are a little more authentic while still being sexy, and a lot of the costumes in the fall line incorporate these ‘real’ elements.

Price: What customer do you think will be attracted to Bridget by Roma?

Marquardt: I think it will mostly be the 18 to 34-year-old woman; that is the demographic that is watching “The Girls Next Door.” It is for the girl who wants to go to a party in a truly unique, detailed, sexy costume.

Price: What plans do you have for the future with Bridget by Roma?

Marquardt: Well, I came to Sam with about 150 design ideas, but there was only so much that was feasible for the first collection since we were on a bit of a time constraint. I would love to do pet costumes and couple’s costumes: one of my ideas is to make a men’s Neptune to go with the Mermaid. I also want to make shoes and purses to go along with the costumes, such as a seashell purse for the Mermaid.

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Published 03-23-2011 by Amanda Torres Price

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