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Goodnighties Help With Sleep

Goodnighties styles.
Goodnighties styles.

(Filed Under wholesale Sleepwear News). Last year, Chicago-based Sarah Baldwin was afflicted with one of the most common side effects of menopause: hot flashes and restlessness that kept her up all night. In search of sleep, she researched and found Goodnighties, a brand of women’s sleepwear running in sizes XS through 3X and retailing from $29 to $69, which was designed to help the wearer rest.

According to the developers, through a patented process called IonX, Goodnighties’ antimicrobial, moisture-wicking fabric is imbedded with negative ions, which have been proven to produce a calming effect, reduce pain and regulate the body’s temperature; all key factors in getting a good night’s sleep.

Baldwin said she immediately found the company’s claim to be true; “I started wearing Goodnighties every night because it was the only thing that helped me stay asleep!” Armed with her marketing background and eager to spread the word, she and her husband, Jack Weissman, who has sales management experience, met with Huntsville, Ala.-based David and Marcia Bacon, the couple who co-founded Goodnighties in 2008, to propose a partnership.

From this meeting, the Bacons were convinced that Baldwin and Weissman’s skills matched with their business goals, and in February the four signed a partnership agreement. Baldwin is now the vice president of marketing and Weissman the vice president of sales, while the Bacons continue to handle design, manufacturing and product development.

Since the agreement, Goodnighties has entered the retail market, and is now available on, an e-commerce carrier of mastectomy products, and As We Change, a catalog for women ages 40-plus., an Internet catalog that carries health-related products, also recently added the brand.

Sarah Bassett, a buyer for As We Change, expects a positive customer reaction based on the feedback she has received since adding Goodnighties in August. “I think the concept is great!” She said. “We have had a nice response so far.”

The next step, said Baldwin, is to enter the Big Box stores, chain drug stores and T.V. network shopping shows. “There are 45 million women [from the baby boomer generation alone] going through menopause right now and 85 percent of them experience hormone irregularities that cause hot flashes, making it hard for them to sleep. That is a huge market, especially now that talking about menopause is becoming more socially acceptable.”

Dr. Albert Ouimet, Chief Scientific Officer, and Bryan Short, Product Development Director of Kentucky Technical Textiles, the company that developed the patented fabric used in Goodnighties, said that this is the first sleepwear imbedded with negative ions.

“The negative ions work with the body’s electrical field, causing capillaries to dilate and help the wearer to enter and stay in REM sleep at a deeper level,” Ouimet explained. “We’ve done a number of studies [...] To prove that IonX increases the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the muscles as well as activates body chemicals that improve muscle function and help to block pain. We have used the fabric in rugby jerseys, professional soccer apparel and even to heal racehorses. Bringing this process to sleepwear was the perfect next step, because sleep is when the body repairs itself.”

In November, Goodnighties will introduce a tea-length nightgown, rounding out the product offering of a short nightgown; long pants; cropped pants; a three quarter-sleeve v-neck top; and others.

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Published 11-02-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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Goodnighties Help With Sleep

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