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ILS September 2010

An image from the ILS
An image from the ILS

(Filed Under Event News). BODY noticed a higher turnout than last year at this fall’s ILS, held from September 27 through 29, once again at Las Vegas’ Rio Hotel. In fact, Michael Morreira, president of Spectrade, the organizing company of the tradeshow, went as far as to call it the largest September showing ILS has ever seen. In addition to regulars like Leg Avenue; René Rofé; Shirley of Hollywood; Dreamgirl; Forplay; Seven ‘til Midnight; and Oh La La Cheri, new brands like Baci Lingerie, which launched at ILS in April 2010, and Stacy Ashley, who returned after several years of hiatus with a new line of lingerie, also displayed their holiday, Valentine’s and spring/summer offerings. As previously reported in BODY, Seven ‘til Midnight brought Playboy Playmate Heather Rae Young to the show to model its line.

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Published 10-20-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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