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Fashion Forms Fashion Forms A look from Fashion Forms. Fashion forms model. Strap Solutions. Style# BQ990.
Fashion Forms

Added: Jul 2012
Fashion Forms

Added: Jul 2012
A look from Fashion Forms.

Added: Jun 2012
Fashion forms model.

Added: Apr 2012
Strap Solutions. Style# BQ990.

Added: Feb 2012

current news

Q&A between Nick Monjo and Ann Deal, ceo of fashion forms.

Ann Deal, CEO of Fashion Forms
Ann Deal, CEO of Fashion Forms

(Filed Under wholesale Accessories News). N.M.: What new products have been introduced into in the Fashion Forms collection this season?

A.D.: We have six new bandeau styles, some fun and trendy bra straps and new innovative silicone products.

N.M.: For 2010, what are the three most exciting products in the Fashion Forms line in terms of customer response? (These can be new or existing products that have caught the attention of consumers this year).

A.D.: Our patented Peel N Stick Cup Collection, Patented Bring it Up Breast Shapers and a new Silicone Wedge Push Up Pad.

N.M.: In previous interviews you have mentioned your expansions in Canada and Europe. Have you made any other international expansions of the Fashion Forms brand?

A.D.: Not at this time.

N.M.: With all the talk of double-dip recession and continuing economic hardships, how have the Fashion Forms products been doing?

A.D.: Our pricing structure at Fashion Forms keeps us centered and focused on the consumer, therefore we are doing well under the circumstances of the total economy.

N.M.: As a follow-up to the previous question, what are consumers looking for these days?”

A.D.: A product that is functional with great quality and value. We have seen a large increase in units on small, fun, fashion items, such as the Strap Converter, Our patented - Strap Solutions.

N.M.: In the past you have said you might consider some sort of separate line of products or maybe even a line of apparel (Two Girls and a Rack). Is there anything happening on that front?

A.D.: No, not in this economy.

N.M.: Now that you are in several different markets, do you have a sense of how the Canadian intimate market right now compares to the U.S. market, or how the French or English market compares to the U.S.?

A.D.: All of them [are] in the same soft recession as we are.

N.M.: It seems that at every show (MAGIC, CURVE, etc.) there is some new company with a new “accessory” product (or products). Do you have any comment of this seemingly endless stream of “accessory” companies that pop up (and often disappear a few months later)?

A.D.: It is a free market place and I just have to be more competitive. Our service, our product and our prices speaks for itself.

N.M.: Do you have any other news about Fashion Forms and new products that might be on their way?

A.D.: 15 new accessory items with six new patent pendings that we will introduce soon.

N.M.: Anything else that you would like to add?

A.D.: Get ready for a huge announcement in February!

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Published 10-15-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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