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Plie Reports Doubled Sales

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). Shapewear brand Plie reported in a January 6, 2009 press release that sales for their Bodies shapewear line had “virtually doubled” in 2008.

The company attributed this boost to the launch this past year of two new products: the Control Body Freestyle, which is open at the front, and the Control Body Thong. Plie has also updated Bodies by combining their breathable fabric with “modern seam-free technologies.”

“Bodies are back for good!” the company’s sales director, John Pearce, said, “We’ve seen a definite trend this year of the women that love the comfort and styling of the Plie briefs, opting to give the all-in-ones a try.”

Plie is a brand of Brazilian-made shapewear with offices in Westchester, Pennsylvania. For more information, call: (888) 427-2178, email:

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Published 01-13-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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