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Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011.
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011

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Avelli Distributes Baci in the U.S.

A Baci style.
A Baci style.

(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Baci Lingerie, the new, sexy lingerie brand, has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Avelli Inc. for the U.S. market, according to Robert Rose, C.O.O.

At the beginning of August, the two companies also announced that they will be opening the first Baci showroom before the end of the year, comprising 4,400-square-feet, in the Miami Design District.

Avelli previously focused on products for the sexy market. The company produces and distributes such brands as Ophoria Fine Bedroom Toys, Lover’s Choice, Cuidology and Comfortnow Labs. With its main office in Burlington, Ontario, Avelli added a product design and marketing division in Boulder, Colo. this summer.

After lengthy discussion and negotiation Baci ultimately decided to choose the best strategic partner to accomplish its goal of becoming number one in the United States. “Baci Lingerie is pleased to partner with Avelli Inc., whose visionary commitment to the brand will ensure that all goals and requirements that Baci Lingerie has set out to change [in] the industry with be accomplished,” said Rosen. “With 11 years of brand development and management, Avelli was the perfect match for Baci Lingerie to ensure a win-win situation for everyone; a win for stores who get the most beautiful products for the best price, and win for the customer who gets high quality lingerie at an affordable price.”

Asked how the distributor model, which puts an extra company and mark-up between the wholesaler and retailer, will fit with the Baci strategy of offering extremely low prices, Rosen responded via email: “Prices will NOT be different from the ones that we released at ILS; still the lowest prices in the world. We have worked out arrangements where we both have extremely small mark-up and plan to do high volume.”

Unlike some distribution arrangements where the wholesaler ships directly to certain larger retailers while covering the rest of customers through the distributor, Rosen emphasized that Avelli is “going to handle distribution to all stores.” He added that the distribution deal covers only the United States, not Canada, Mexico or other territories around the world.

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Published 08-05-2010 by Nick Monjo

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