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ShaToBu Burns Calories and Shapes

ShaToBu: High Waist To Knee Shaper.
ShaToBu: High Waist To Knee Shaper.

(Filed Under wholesale Shapewear News). With the shapewear market growing increasingly saturated, manufacturers are looking for that competitive edge. New player ShaToBu, named for its ability to “shape, tone and burn,” may have found it.

In addition to offering medium-to-firm compression, the company’s two styles are constructed with bands that offer resistance as the wearer goes about her daily activities. Recent independent studies conducted by the University of Virginia have found that by wearing ShaToBu one burns up to 12 percent more calories than she would if not wearing the shaper in that same activity. Retail prices are $50 for the Waist To Knee Shaper and $60 for the High Waist To Knee Shaper. Sizes run from S to 2X, as well as Medium Tall and Large Tall.

“There is no other shapewear that has undergone this much research,” said Dr. Denise Perron, creator of ShaToBu. “Through their studies, the researchers mimicked a woman’s daily activities as closely as possible. Their findings are being presented at the National American College of Sports Medicine meeting.”

Although ShaToBu only hit the market this year, the idea for what the company tags “the workout you wear” has been five years in the making. At that time, Dr. Perron, a chiropractor, started noticing that shapewear was becoming increasingly popular. “I was looking for a way for people to do exercise without really knowing it, and at the same time I saw more and more women wearing shapers on a daily basis,” she said. “I thought; if they are already wearing it, why not one that is actually good for you? I sewed exercise bands in certain areas of a shaper, and tried walking on a treadmill in the garment. I found that not only did this create resistance every time I walked, but that I was actually burning more calories, making it a perfect way for a busy woman to get a work-out in while going about her daily life.”

With all that calorie burning, the question arises: doesn’t the wearer get hot? However, Dr. Perron said ShaToBu was designed to be cool. “Through our marketing research we found women’s top objections to wearing shapewear, and their big three were it’s hot, I feel like a sausage and it cuts me and creates a bulge,” she said. “Our garments are designed to overcome these objections and are non-binding, which eliminates the cutting and bulging, and the varying compressions offered by our bands takes away that sausage-like feeling. All that combined with the COOLMAX construction creates a cool, comfortable, moisture-wicking garment. We have had very positive comments from our users.”

While Dr. Perron designed ShaToBu as a healthy tool, she steers clear of making extravagant promises. “This isn’t a weight loss product, and it isn’t a gimmick,” she said. “We all know that going to the gym and working out is good for us, but often we simply don’t have the time. Every woman, whether or not she wants to lose weight, could use some extra health benefits. Our promise isn’t too big, and therefore it’s a promise with substance.”

Although she could not divulge details at this time, Dr. Perron said that the company’s research and development team is working on launching additional products. “The vision is to come out with many more products built on that same principal of shaping, burning and toning, and having a positive effect on women, and possibly men,” she remarked. “We are also furthering our research with additional universities.”

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Published 05-28-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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