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Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011. Black Label look, 2011.
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011
Black Label look, 2011.

Added: Jan 2011

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Baci Lingerie’s Plans For A Successful Launch

An image from Baci Lingerie’s debut collection.
An image from Baci Lingerie’s debut collection.

(Filed Under Fashion News). Baci Lingerie, the new ”sexy” lingerie company that has made a lot of noise in the market even before its official launch later this month at the International Lingerie Show, provided new information on how it plans to succeed in an already crowded marketplace. The questions below are from Nick Monjo, the answers from COO Robert Rosen.

NM: What has happened to the line since the announcement of the launch last year?

RR: Since we first announced Baci Lingerie last year we have been perfecting the brand and working on introducing our sub-collection of eyelashes.

NM: Originally you noted that the launch collection would be 500 new styles of lingerie; has that changed or have new styles been added?

RR: No the first collection has not changed and there are still 500 styles of lingerie. We have added a sub-collection, of which there will be one each year, of eyelashes. There will be 250 styles of eyelashes for this sub-collection. We began shooting in highly exclusive castles in Paris and have raised our budget to $3.4 million for the cost of the second photo shoot. The higher cost can be attributed to signing some of the world’s top renowned models and adding more decadent accessories to enhance the feel of the shooting. In three months our spectacular sub-collection of costumes, which will be the sub-collection for the second year, begins shooting. The costumes will have a magnificent theme to go along with each photo. Each costume will have a fairy tale story and background rather than just the standard boring industry picture. Our budget for shooting the costumes is approximately $5.4 million dollars to provide the fairy tale story and enhance the consumer experience when purchasing a costume.

NM: What other new collections besides the eyelashes?

RR: The eyelash sub-collection will debut at the ILS. We are in the process of shooting our second collection, which will preview for our partners at Venus Fair in October and world wide at the Paris Lingerie Show in January. Our second sub-collection will be 250 fairy tale storied costumes.

NM: You announced a 500-page catalog book last year.

RR: Baci Lingerie is designed to have anything and everything available for women for any occasion. Baci Lingerie will fulfill every woman’s dream for the best possible price along with the best presentation. Our second collection will debut at the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris in January 2011 and will include another 500 styles of sensual and highly sexy lingerie plus a sub-collection of 250 costumes. Each collection will come with an amazing sub-collection that will compliment each line and is sure to strengthen the brand. The sub-collection for the first year will be eyelashes. It will definitely be the hottest thing on the market. At the ILS we will have our first catalog book which contains 500 pages along with high resolution DVD’s which will have photos of every style and also a video of each style. Also, at the ILS we will have our sub-collection eyelashes catalog containing 250 styles along with the high resolutions photos and videos. Our next collection is scheduled to officially debut at the Paris show in January and will sneak peak to our partners at the Venus Fair in October. It will also contain 500 styles of lingerie and the sub-collection of 250 costumes.

NM: Have you signed any new distribution companies around the world? What countries and what are the names of the companies involved?

RR: Since our announcement last year we have been very busy signing distributions agreements around the world. Currently we have 17 partners worldwide and the demand is delightfully overwhelming to become partners. Please keep in mind that for each country we had many interested partners who were extremely excited about the brand and obtaining the exclusive distribution rights. There were more than 35 partners in different countries who were not selected, due to various reasons, however we need to be very selective in choosing our partners because we offer the brand exclusively. We value our partners confidentiality and would not want to disclose any information against there wishes, therefore, I will not be able to give the names of the companies involved without their consent. However, some of the countries we have signed deals with are Russia, Canada and Australia. We are officially waiting for our debut in April and the Venus Fair in Berlin in October so that we can meet all possible distributors and really sit down and get to know the philosophy and methods of how each other do business.

NM: Have you signed any repping deals in the US so far?

RR: Baci Lingerie’s formula of distribution is to create a relationship with one exclusive partner for each country and develop a strong foundation for years to come. Currently we have 17 partners worldwide and are growing rapidly. By the end of 2011, we project $100 million of Baci will be sold. From the beginning we strive to be and will become the biggest sexy lingerie company in the world. In the United States alone we are planning to send out 10,000 of our collection books valued at $720,000 (which, if you have not seen it already, is amazing). Each book weighs close to 7.4 pounds and contains 270 grams of Japanese paper. The cost associated with giving the collections books alone is $250,000. These books are for every storeowner so they can see, feel and touch how much love, passion, attention to detail and care that has gone into the past couple of years to bring Baci Lingerie to life. At the end of the day it’s a win, win, win situation for everyone. A win for the stores who get the most beautiful products for the best price, a win for the customer who gets a truly high quality lingerie at an affordable price, and a win for our investor whose dreams and wishes come true to bring true happiness and enjoyment to everyone.

NM: Have you signed any other distribution deals in the US? What are the names of the parties involved and what is the nature of the deals?

RR: Currently we are talking with many different distributors in the US and are searching for the perfect match for Baci Lingerie. As of now, East Coast News has offered the highest amount to obtain the exclusive distributions rights. However, Baci Lingerie is also preparing to distribute directly to the stores and just recently reached a tentative agreement for warehousing and distribution logistics with one of the biggest shipping companies in the US.

NM: What U.S. stores are currently carrying the Baci Lingerie line?

RR: Currently we are waiting for our debut at the April ILS to officially distribute the current line. Right now we have a platform in Europe that we have been using for testing and research. This platform has been an amazing tool for us and we have learned an incredible amount of information. Currently the platform sells 290,000 pieces of lingerie a week.

NM: Have you added any new personnel to the US staff? When stores place orders who will they be dealing with?

RR: Currently we are in the process of hiring new staff, expanding of operations and facilities and training all personnel. The growth is really incredible. We are finalizing a deal to move our Miami headquarters to one of the most desired and reputable Miami office buildings and look to expand our office size by 50 times larger. To enhance our state of the art website we will be adding a feature where stores may place orders online. As always there will be round the clock customer service available. If stores would like to email a representative they can contact Nathan Huxley, Manager of Sales and Customer Services,

NM: Delivery is a big concern of all US retailers. Can you describe your distribution/warehouse facilities and how they will make placing orders with Baci a smart transaction? Where will you be shipping from? How large is this facility?

RR: Parallel to our wholesale distributions we are strategically setting up an alliance with one of the biggest shipping companies in the US and will be using their facilities out of the New York and New Jersey area. They have state of the art warehouse and distributions facility that will house 100,000 square feet of space. Orders will be shipped same day. There will be no minimum order quantities! Free shipping for orders over $999. Orders under $999 only $9.99. Products delivered in premium packaging.

NM: Many of our readers have asked about the background of Baci. What is the name of the owner(s) of Baci? And what is their experience in the intimate apparel field, and other fields?

RR: Our main investor is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word; we call him Richard. Richard is a major player in a variety of industries such as technology, cars, and jewelry and in contemplating retirement he thought about how the world would speak his name in years to come. Instead of retiring he wanted to create a global brand that created beauty as well as being able to touch as many people’s lives in a joyful way. He has always had a strong desire to create beauty and happiness and [with] this idea and project he wanted to bring that to as many people as possible. Some people collect real estate in the South of France others collect fine works of art, Richard wanted to share his idea and passion for creating beauty with the world. It started five years ago with a burning passion to create something and make an everlasting mark in the world. His incredible financial success has finally been able to give him the freedom to dedicate his attention to making an incredible global brand. Although Baci Lingerie is an investment of $25 million in the first year and projected $35 million the second year these amounts are extremely small in comparison to his total net worth, however this project is his baby and pure love. Richard does not like to speak publicly and is truly “the man behind the man behind the man.” However, his genius in business is reflected in everything he touches. You can say he has the “Midas Touch.” He has developed a 10-year master plan for Baci Lingerie and this is only year one. The industry better watch out for the magic that is going to be unleashed upon it.

NM: In a couple of sentences, what are the reasons to order from Baci? Retailers have their current suppliers, what are the reasons to switch from them? What makes Baci better and/or different? What sales volume do you expect this year? In five years?

RR: The Baci Lingerie’s philosophy and concept is based on offering a wide range of well designed high quality lingerie, best photographs and art work, best packaging, at the lowest prices in the world so that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. Rather than selling expensive lingerie that only a few can buy, Baci Lingerie makes it possible to provide lingerie to a greater number of people by providing low-priced products that contribute to helping more people feel better about their lives. Most lingerie companies do the exact opposite and try to make the most beautiful lingerie for the most expensive price. We are revolutionary in the sense that no one has done this before. Whereas most investors and lingerie companies want to earn a profit from the start we believe that this is an investment for years to come. Our first year investment of $25 million will most likely take years to get back. Richard does not care about the money. He stresses the quality of the product and building the foundation of a major global brand. He wants to be able to see his brand all over the world and especially in places where average people cannot afford the luxury of expensive lingerie. We want a wide range of women to experience the feeling of putting on extremely sexy lingerie for their man and for men to experience the excitement of buying and fantasizing their ladies in such lingerie. In a single word “Affordable Luxury.” Sales volume this year is not important to Richard and his desire is that we strive to do our best. In five years the sales volume is projected to be $300 million.

NM: Describe the overall Baci philosophy in a couple of sentences.

RR: Please see answer above. Baci Lingerie philosophy is the main reason why to order from Baci Lingerie.

NM: Is there any other information you can provide about Baci?

RR: Richard did not look for any sales people when starting this company and brand. His primary reason for that was it is not about selling Baci Lingerie but finding people who have the same passion and love for the brand and creating sexy lingerie for a fair price. We only look for people who are dedicated and have that desire to be a part of something special. We know that our brand will sell by itself; however, we want people to love and believe in what they are selling. We proudly say that Baci Lingerie works without any sales people at all. It was love at first sight for me when I was introduced to the concept and philosophy behind this brand. It is really special when you can go to work each day and truly love and believe in what you are working for. That to me is worth all the money in the world. We invested a lot of money in a market analyses and these specialists found out that the sexy lingerie market is still very young, and rapidly growing and in our eyes just in the early stages. Please do not forget Baci Lingerie is not just an American brand it is a worldwide brand sold already in other countries, which are a lot less developed than the United States. This provided huge opportunities. For example Baci Lingerie has many exclusive partners in eastern European countries already. Our partner in Europe who pre launched Baci Lingerie a couple of month ago as a test run for us, sells more than 290,000 items a week. That is a tremendous amount of product and we are very pleased with the results.

Another funny story behind the scenes is that Baci Lingerie was actually supposed to debut two years ago and this story has never really been told. A few million dollars were invested to start the brand and photos shoots were taken, however they were not the exquisite artwork, which is now Baci Lingerie. Everything was printed and photos were set and at the last minute Richard scrapped the whole project because in his eyes it was not PERFECTION. “We start at perfection and go from there.” So we shot everything over again in prestigious castles and the end product is the amazing photos you see now. We would rather not put anything on the market than to put something that does not live up to our own standards.

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Published 03-31-2010 by Nick Monjo

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