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Hollywood Fashion Tape accessory.
Hollywood Fashion Tape accessory.

Added: Jul 2010

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New At Hollywood Fashion Tape

Hollywood Hip Hugger.
Hollywood Hip Hugger.

(Filed Under wholesale Accessories News). Ever committed to saving one and all from fashion faux pas, Hollywood Fashion Tape has created the Hollywood Hip Hugger to combat the dreaded puckering pants waistline and plumber’s butt. Retailing for $8.99, the no-buckle, no-bulk, no-front belt is designed to help the wearer achieve the perfect fitting pant through its adjustable length for a tailored smooth front and no-gap back.

And if you think you have no need for the product, Hollywood Fashion Tape believes you should reconsider. “Svelte as you may actually be, a puckering pants waistline that bulges out can appear to add several unwanted pounds to your profile. Likewise, the Big-Belt-Buckle-Bulge adds an unsightly bump showing through sleek fitting blouse or form fitting sweater […] And trust us, Plumber’s Butt is not reserved for men who clear sink traps.”

The Hollywood Hip Hugger will be found in apparel, accessory, fabric stores and beauty salons. For further information, call Minneapolis-based Hollywood Fashion Tape: (866) 222-4529.

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Published 03-18-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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