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FunWorld: Dr. Shots. FunWorld: Say Aahhh Nurse. FunWorld: Bad Habit Nun. FunWorld: Tequila Popin’ Dude. FunWorld: Sexy Shooter Girl.
FunWorld: Dr. Shots.

Added: Apr 2011
FunWorld: Say Aahhh Nurse.

Added: Apr 2011
FunWorld: Bad Habit Nun.

Added: Apr 2011
FunWorld: Tequila Popin’ Dude.

Added: Apr 2011
FunWorld: Sexy Shooter Girl.

Added: Apr 2011

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Funworld Adds Variety For 2010

Rockin Skull Pirate by FunWorld.
Rockin Skull Pirate by FunWorld.

(Filed Under wholesale Costume News). Petticoat is becoming a buzzword in the sexy costume market, and FunWorld thinks that it time to get in the game. After testing a few basic styles in its Fantasy line of sexy costumes last year, the company has launched over 20 new styles this year, several of which designers constructed to be seen, either as an outerwear piece, or peaking out from beneath a costume.

“Petticoats are a key add on item [this year],” said Alex Losito, national sales manager of the company. “We also have expanded into ruffle panties and pettiskirts.The styles are absolutely stunning, [there are] not only romantic ones with lace but also goth-inspired designs. We really took [the category] to the next level by delivering character based styles, such as offering our French Maid petticoat in black and white, and our vampire petticoat in red and black.”

Following this theme, the company has also expanding its tutu series of sexy costumes, featuring “traditional Halloween character costumes with a flirty and sexy twist that feel good and look great. Many basics such as the Leggy Lady bug have been very popular, [as well as] the new Rockin Skull Pirate and Vampirina, which are off the charts.”

The tutu series includes 12 styles retailing for $29.99 to $34.99, with related accessories included in this price. According to the company, adding the accessories allows shop owners to increase their margins, as the consumer sees the tremendous value she is getting. FunWorld’s Fantasy line retails from $19.99 to $54.99 with the majority of items in the $24.99 to $34.99 range.

FunWorld has also updated its Sexy Storybook collection for the coming season. An overhaul of basic characters such as Lil’ Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, Alice and the Queen from “Alice in Wonderland,” and Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz,” sparked sales at the Houston Trade show, the company reported. Each of these styles include or have the petticoat built in “adding style and flair for a great price and setting us apart from our competition.

“We expect Storybook characters to continue to be key for Halloween this year. We see this trend continuing,” Losito remarked. “So far with the response we have gotten at the Halloween tradeshows, we seem to be right on target. We offer beautiful designs with stretch cotton fabric, zipper backs, lace trim and petticoats for $27.99 to $34.99.”

And its not just smaller ladies who will have the chance to feel sexy in Fantasy this fall. The company has added to its plus size offerings, and now carries 50 styles in sizes 16 to 24W. “We have always been strong in offering plus-size costumes for men and women, and this is a chance to address the needs of all types of consumers,” said Andi Wolos, product coordinator of FunWorld.

“We made some slight modifications allowing our designs to fit a voluptuous physique without changing the characteristics of the design.”

In other news, the company reported great success at this December’s International Halloween Show with its Girls Around the World collection. This is the company’s "première" Fantasy grouping, which includes party accessories such as shot glasses, bottle holders, and beverage dispensers.

“Having expanded for 2010, the Girls Around The World line now includes an occupational theme,” Losito said. “Designs like Sexy Firefighters, Nurses, Police Officers and Convicts, all with included party accessories, have given new range and depth to an already winning collection. In addition, we have added more male counterparts, such as a fireman with beverage dispensers that look like fire extinguishers, and a Tequila Poppin’ Dude to go with the Tequila Shooter women’s costume. What we are finding is that couple sets are impacting the buying decisions and our male counterparts seem just as strong and important as the female costumes.”

Fun World’s costumes can be found at major retailers, local party goods stores and sexy lingerie including Lover’s Lane. For further information, customer service can be reached at (516) 873-9000. Ext. 256.

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Published 02-10-2010 by Amanda Torres Price

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