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Intimia Prevents Breast Wrinkling

(Filed Under wholesale Accessories News). About six years ago, Irene Komsky noticed something unsavory happening between her breasts; she was developing wrinkles. Komsky, a registered nurse, realized that this was because she sleeps on her side. “I am C-cup and a side-sleeper, so wrinkles were forming between my breasts as I slept,” she said. “I knew that these wrinkles would become deeper and deeper with years, so I started thinking about ways to solve this.”

After stuffing blankets in the affected area—“very uncomfortable, and they do not stay in place,” said Komsky—she realized she needed a device that stays in place and is comfortable. With this in mind, she designed the Intimia breast pillow; a long pillow that includes back straps, and fits between the breasts. Although she initially only used the pillow herself, and gave it to friends, family and patients, “due to positive feedback” two years ago she applied for a patent, which is still pending, and started her e-commerce website: . She estimates that since the site went online, sales for Intimia have grown 50 percent per year. Running in one-size-fits-all, (which Komsky said truly fits any size breasts), the breast pillow runs for $50. In addition to customers in the United States, the breast pillow is also growing in popularity among European customers.

Although there are other products for breast-wrinkle prevention on the market, Komsky described hers as uniquely comfortable and functional. “I realized that this device needed to be something soft, comfortable and easy to wear. It couldn't be like a bra, because a bra can limit circulation while you sleep, and can be uncomfortable; additionally, a bra would not help prevent wrinkling. And due to the three criss-crosses on the back [of the pillow] it stays in place no matter how much you move in your sleep.”

Komsky said that since she started using the breast pillow six years ago wrinkles have stopped developing between her breasts, and those that were there have almost completely disappeared. She said that this is because the pillow smooths out the skin and keeps it from pressing together. “If a woman starts using the Intimia pillow as soon as she notices wrinkle formation, she can halt their development completely. Even a woman who has very deep wrinkles can stop more from developing, and although she cannot make them disappear completely at that point, she can make them look better by using the pillow.”

And wrinkle prevention is not the only function of the Intimia breast pillow, Komsky said. Post-surgery women and those with tender-breasts, such as from PMS symptoms or during pregnancy, are using the pillow for comfort purposes. Komsky's customers range in age from 25 to 70-years-old, which she has discovered through requesting testimonials. In addition, doctors purchase the pillows for their patients, or direct these patients to the website.

Komsky's goals include introducing the breast pillow in hospitals and specialty stores. With this goal in mind, she took the product to the recent CurveNV show. “I want to help as many women as I can; the product is a new product so customers need to be educated about it. I would love to attract as many more doctors as possible, and I think hospitals should offer this to their patients post-surgery.”

Intimia is based in California and manufactured out of China. For further information, e-mail

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Published 10-13-2009 by Amanda Torres Price

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Intimia Prevents Breast Wrinkling

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